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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jason, The Tattoo Artist!

While Jason was visiting California for his grandma's 75th birthday, a few of his dad's friends wanted Jason to give them a tattoo. 

Marion was up first.
A hummingbird tattoo - which represents hope. 

Tattoo artist is the one and only - my son, Jason.
 On Marion's wrist, her hummingbird tattoo! 

Marion posted that she has been seeing hummingbirds for months and miraculously (since I'm a recovering bird-hater) they have been giving me much peace and always a small bit of hope for each day. Now my hope is here to stay.
 Next up is Larry's partner Mitch. You may remember that Larry was in Boise getting his own tattoo from Jason here. 

Mitch surprised Larry by getting the exact knotted rope tattoo. Awe, how sweet!
Mitch's knotted frayed rope tattoo. 

This is what Mitch posted about his new tattoo:

Holy Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors....

I woke up this morning with a tattoo. Boo-hoo, I'm almost 52 with my first tattoo! I'm just happy that I'm not having to call it "Batman and Redness." It feels and looks fantastic! Thanks to our awesome and talented son, Jason and my husband, Larry, for holding the light bulb while I lay on Marion's rather solid dining table!

Actually, I've always wanted a vine between my toes, over top of my foot and up the ankle. But I know my endocrinologist would have a fit. We diabetics can't mess with our feet. 

Larry said: "Mitch can't believe you are doing this ..... Love it!
It's time for Candy to get her new tattoo from tattoo artist Jason. The out of state tattooist has been very busy the past 2 days!!!
Candy's tattoo has sentimental feelings for her: 

She posted: "So I got the tat Justine wanted to be her first tat today from Jason. I love you and I love my ink!!! Justine .... there are no words for how much I love and miss you. 

What a great tribute tattoo. Beautiful!


Jason was busy doing what he loves. The tattoos turned out beautifully and I know everyone loved them!

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