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Saturday, July 12, 2014

YW Camp 2014 Part 3

The skits!!
 The leader skit.
 They called themselves the YOLO Band
 Karri our Beehive Advisor.
 Cindy in the back and Courtney our Camp Assistant in the front. 
 Kelli our AWESOME YW President! She is so hip!

 Cindy our YW 1st Councilor. 
 Nancy our Camp Director and cook - the food was soooo yummy!
 Natalie, McKenzie and Eden (I don't know who is behind McKenzie or Eden) for their skit!
 Emma and Brialee singing "Love is an Open Door".
 Preparing for a skit on skit night!
 Lucy, Jaylynn and Eden - Skit in a bag.
Veronica sang a Michael Jackson song. 

YW Girls Camp 2014 Part 2

 Jake talking to the girls and preparing them for their Faith Walk. 
 A break from the hike and lunch. 

 Idaho mountains are beautiful and so are our Young Women!
 One of the crafts they made is the braided water bottle carrier.  
Look was Isabelle found!

They had such a great time on the hike!

We had Archery for the girls too! Why should the boys have all the fun? Nope, we did too! Thanks Karri and Jeff!
The AMAZING RACE was definitely amazing learning about scriptures.  
 The Amazing Race!
Preparing for the Amazing Race.

YW Girls Camp 2014 Part 1

 After arriving to our camp spot, the Young Women chose their tent mates. We did something different in choosing tent mates, we had a bag of suckers for the girls to pick one. Whichever flavor/color they selected was the tent they were in. 

Our President was very worried about this and prayed and prayed that it would work out. It was amazing how well like personalities were put together in tents. 

The main reason we didn't let friends be with friends is to unify the girls and have them befriend and learn about a girl outside their "click". It did turn out amazing and worked really well to unify the Young Women.
 We were lucky to borrow the tents from the Or-Ida Boys Scouts. 
I guess they had a tough time getting the girls to wake up so they "spring barring" the poles to the tents - waking up those lazy girls - ha ha ha ha ha!
 The camp site had a covered pavilion with tables and a fridge. It was a wonderful place to eat, do crafts and get out  of the hot sun. 

 Making crafts.
 Writing in their Captain's Log/Journal which they loved. Their favorite part of the journal was the coloring pages. When I arrived the evening of Testimony Meeting, I received so many hugs and thanks for the awesome journal.
 Get to know you game.
"Never have I ever" get to know you game. 
 Our awesome Young Women!!!!
 Monday night Michelle came to camp and did a devotional.
Our 2 amazing Priesthood Leaders who attended girls camp and our protectors - Greg and Jake!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Young Women's Camp Journal

Our Young Women left for camp today, so I finally get to blog about the journals I made.

Our theme is "Anchored in Christ" with a heavy nautical theme and decorations.

There were lots of ideas and quotes I found from Pinterest that made this journal easy to put together.

I have a binding machine that I purchased when one of the companies I worked for shut down the office I was in. It's been wonderful to have this available to me throughout the years, to make many books for Primary and the ward. 

I printed all the pages out in card stock to make it extra durable. We have 21 girls from our ward going to camp, so I made 21 journals. It was a big job, but I did it with lots of love for the girls. I know they will love these journals and hopefully cherish them through their lives. I also hope they will journal during camp and be inspired by the items I put in the journal. 
 The front of the journal is a clear page to protect the picture of Jesus. You can see it to the left of the picture. Each front of the journal is a different color so that the girls will have an easy time finding theirs.

I found some images on-line of a rope border and then pasted in the anchor and cut them out. I glued that to the card stock I printed "Anchored in Christ". I purchased the photo of Jesus from for 10 cents each plus shipping and glued that to the rope/anchor border.

I also found the cute anchor charm on Amazon. I wanted to add a bookmark in the journal. When I went to my bin of ribbons, I saw this rope and decided I liked the idea of a rope instead of a ribbon. The charm/bookmark added another dimension to the journal that I loved. 

 I loved these 7 ways to be up-lifted at camp. One of the challenges in leading young women/teenage girls is to work around their moodiness. It's a challenge to help each of them have a positive attitude about going to camp. When I saw this handout, I knew I needed to include it in the journal as a reminder that they will have as good as time as their attitude lets them. 

 I wanted to add an "about me" page where they could write their name in their journal. The basic part of this came from January 2002 Friend here.  I manipulated in "paint (computer program)" to add our ward and leaders - as a memorable journal entry. I also changed the year to 2014.
 Another thing I wanted to add was an activity to get the girls to interact with each other and get out of their clicks. So I searched images for the "Find Someone Who ....." activity. I didn't bookmark the site I got this handout from, it but you can print it off here. 

I also wanted a page that included their testimony at camp. The quote on the testimony page came from "LDS Handouts bogspot" here. 

 There is a great FHE from "Life's Journey to Perfection blogspot" that included some great quote cards from a talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdor's message: A firmly set Anchor (April 2013 Ensign). 

Because our theme is very nautical driven we called the journal pages "Captain's Log". This quote came from Pinterest here: 

Print the Camp Cooking, What did we eat and make? How did it taste? page here:  (for some reason google documents doesn't like my font and has made this print-out 2 pages - sorry. I'll make it a pdf file and attach it later)
 I wanted to add this image from Real Hero Posters to the journal and I thought it would go great with this year Young Women's Theme" 

I wanted to add some coloring / doodle pages for the girls to have something to do when they are bored. The first coloring page came from the quote cards from Life's Journey to Perfection blogspot" that included some great quote cards from a talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdor's message: A firmly set Anchor (April 2013 Ensign). 

I decided to add a couple of Autograph pages.

Print these two here and here.

The next two pages are actually envelopes to collect handouts and memorabilia. I printed out the front of these envelopes on regular copy paper and glued it on the envelope. Then I cut down the envelope to the size of the copy paper so that it would fit nicely in a book. The book binding side is open - but closed through the binding. 

The back of the journal is just a vinyl school folder that I cut in two and added red duck tape to the open edge. One school folder equals into two backs for the journals. 

This back page is used for the Camp Song book.
And I also put in each journal a pack of colored pencils, a pen, a pencil and a pencil sharpener. 
It took quite a while to assemble 21 journals - but worth every minute for these beautiful girls.

Here they are leaving for camp:
I hope camp ends up being a testimony builder, unites the girls and is a ton of fun! 
We also have 2 non-members coming with the girls. Yea for missionary work!


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