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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Update on Brady

Brady did really well this past year at University of Utah. He has successfully completed his sophomore year! Yeah!

Brady was on the Dean's list again this year and increased his GPS by 0.1. It turns out he is still a smart cookie - of course!!!

He is doing really great in school and keeping up his full time job. He's been able to pay his rent and bills with little help from me. I'm very proud of him.

Unfortunately the job he started in August with Teleperformance working for Century link was going away. Century Link is pulling out of Utah so Brady was losing his job the end of April. 

He was able to fine a new job with the Geek Squad for phone support - Hooray!!! He does phone support for Best Buy customers. 
He started training on May 5th and is loving this job much more then his last one. I'm glad it is in something he loves and is going to school for - computer science. 

He gets a small break this summer because he isn't going to school - but still working full time. At least he was able to start a job while he wasn't going to school like last year. It was really hard going to training full time while school is going. 

He has been really blessed with being employed and even finding a newer better job.

I'm so proud of him!

Of course I miss him like crazy. I haven't seen him since I took him down to Salt Lake City last August. But, I'll see him in July!!!! I can't wait!

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