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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brady's Nerdy Nummies Smart Cookies

It all started with a little inspiration from Rosanna Pansino and her YouTube video "Nerdy Nummies Smart Cookies:

Brady decided he wanted to create some cute food and first on his list was her Nerdy Nummies Smart Cookies:

We discussed it on the phone and I have never heard of Cookie Icing - I've only known about using chocolate to make shapes and detail. He asked me where you get colored chocolate and I told him to go to a craft store like: Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Zurkers, Craft Warehouse - whatever was close to where he lives.

He went to Michaels and this is what he said on facebook: Michaels is the Best Store Ever! Prepare yourself world, this geek is going to get creative. 

A friend asked: What are you making? 

Brady replied: Nerdy Nummies! Nom nom nom nom 

Autumn said: You should checkout Hobby Lobby, I am obsessed with that store.

Brady said: I might, I asked my mom - ie Cooking goddess, where I could get some colored chocolate melts, and she included Hobby Lobby in her list. 
Brady's cookies!

He used my Mrs. Fields chocolate chip recipe here:  One of the reasons I blog recipes is for my children's quick access - and mine too of course. 

He said on facebook: I used my own chocolate chip recipe from my mother's grimore, and used chocolate for the glasses, eyes and blush instead of cookie frosting. 
They are just darling! His first time molding chocolate was a success! 
Of course they taste good! During high school everyone loved my chocolate chip cookies. He said, "Yes, old cross country friends, these cookies just got even more appealing." 
I hope Brady's friends love these cookies. I know this is going to be his new thing creating eye appealing cookies using  Rosanna Pansino YouTube site. I can't wait to see what he creates next. 

FUN!!!! nom nom nom nom
Brady and nerd glasses - oh that is sooooo him! LOL!

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Sue said...

These are adorable! I love how he used chocolate for the glasses. :)


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