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Sunday, March 2, 2014

YW Value Mall New Beginnings

 For our Young Women's New Beginning Program we decided to do the "Values Mall". The original idea came from The Idea Door and YW Ideas from 2 Sisters.
 It was a little difficult to manipulate the program from The Idea Door. I ended up printing it off and then scanning it in. Then I edited in "Paint" Program. After I sent it all out, they indicated that "Cornerstone" was probably their ward name and I should have changed it to our ward name. I just thought "Cornerstone" of our religion and not that it was a ward name. Oh well, my mistake. So the other handouts say our ward name Mall. 
I also added this year's theme "Come Unto Christ" on the invitation. I was worried that they wouldn't understand what the program was for so on the back of the mailing envelope I added "YW New Beginning Invitation" just to make sure they knew what they were receiving from me. 
This is our program on shopping bags. They turned out really cute. She put all the colors of the values of ribbons on different bags. Clever idea - made by Karri - one of our advisors. 
 Samantha our Laurel President welcomed everyone.

Aubrey (not pictured) spoke about Personal Progress. 
Brialee introduced the new Beehives that will Join YW this year 2014. One of the fun facts about Ana, (the first girl) she has read the Book of Mormon 5 times on her own. I was so impressed! These Young Women are AMAZING.
 My Store was Journey's Shoe Store and FAITH. I decided to make shoes for a pedicure set. I found the idea from "Creating Keepsakes" here.  I used double sided scrap book paper. It took me about 5 tries before I really figured out how to put them together. I thought they turned out super cute. I checked Amazon for pedicure stuff and ended up getting the brush and emery boards from Amazon. The nail clippers came from Rite Aid. I spent more then I should have.. then I found out that other activities that provided a pedicure set got them at the Dollar Tree. I didn't even think to look there. So if you decide to do a pedicure set - check there for better value. Oh well...
 I also printed off a book mark with this years theme "Come Unto Christ" here from Brent Borup: 
 This was my FAITH and Journey's table.
 At the door each of the girls received a MASTER IN CHARGE card. I let them know all the details before my quick 3-5 minute talk about my store. After the program, the girls were able to take their "program shopping bags" and purchase items at each store with their Master In Charge card. 

For my talk I took most of it from True to the Faith book. I loved what it said about Faith. 

Faith is a principle of ACTION and POWER.

Faith is a gift from God, but you must nurture your faith to keep it strong. Faith is like a muscle of your arm. If you exercise it, it grows strong. If you put it in a sling and leave it there, it becomes weak.

My ending challenge was - every day when they put on their shoes or take them off, think if they have done something to nurture or increase their faith.
Bed & Bath Body Works store was DIVINE NATURE.

The hand out was hand sanitizer and the quote:

"The gospel teaches us that true beauty is more than skin deep. A young women whose countenance is aglow with both happiness and virtue radiate inner beauty.
Elder Lynn G. Robbins

This is the Bath and Body Works - Divine Nature table.
Corinne was in charge of this table.
Knowledge hand out - Malt Balls to represent the "clay ball" story she told

Knowing the worth of souls, would you want to make even on person feel that he or she is not of worth?

She gave a wonderful story about a man who found clay balls on a beach. He threw them in the sea. Then he started throwing them at rocks and they would burst open. Inside he found a jewel and started opening them up and found a fortune in jewels. Then he reflected on all that he lost as he was throwing them in the sea. 

It was a great story about it doesn't matter what we look like, inside us is very valuable to our Heavenly Father and we have great worth. If I find the quote link I'll add it later. 
H and M Store = Holy and Modest Store for INDIVIDUAL WORTH.
Heather was in charge of this table. 
Barnes and Nobel books store for KNOWLEDGE.

The hand out was a journal and a pen. (She found the journals at Micheals for 60 cents!!)
Barnes and Nobel Store - Knowledge
Cindy was in charge of this store.
The next store was our Camp Directors.
This year their theme that they are working with is "Brave", but it may change. 
The cute hand out included Smores.
With some of the details about camp this year. 
Camping World Store!!
Courtney and Nancy are the Camp Directors. I loved their camouflage outfits. 

Hand out was a Cell Phone Contract
with an iPhone Reese's peanut butter cup.
Carolee was in charge of Best Buy and spoke about electronic devices and the internet.

The hand out was a chocolate hammer. I don't have the quote and will add it later. 
The Sears Store - Integrity.
Karri was in charge of this store.
Lowe's - GOOD WORKS.

Handout was a highlighter.

The quote: "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven." (3 Nephi 12: 16)

Lowe's store was their lighting department. It was brilliant the idea she came up with. 
Heidi was in charge of this store - but the lights in back of her darkened her photo. 
Kay Jewelers - VIRTUE

Handout was a ring pop. 

Quote: "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." (Proverbs 31:10)

I will prepare to enter the temple and remain pure and worthy. My thoughts and actions will be based on high moral standards. 
Kay Jewelers store - Virtue

I wish we had a close up. The table had a mirror on it with rubies spread all over it. There is a huge diamond ring handing from the temple. The table was beautiful!!
Our YW President, Kelli was in charge of this table. 
This was the end of the stores. It was a great program.
Our Bishop ended New Beginnings with a letter from one of our Sister Missionaries. It was a great letter and a great example for our Young Women.
After prayer came the refreshments that we called "Sisterbon" instead of Cinnabon. We had cinnamon rolls and flavored water. 
Afterward the girls were able to go shopping. 
And mingling and having a ton of fun!
 A couple of weeks ago the young women worked on Temple back packs. They started them and one of the women in our ward who works for a "bag" store finished them. The finished bags were handed out during New Beginnings. I wish I had a picture of these amazing bags to show. (I'll try to get a pictures and add it later). 
A fun picture of our Bishop and a Counselor with their cell phones out. Even adults are addicted.
Before the meeting we gathered all the cell phones up in a basket so the girls wouldn't be tempted. (Yup, we are mean leaders like that - LOL!)

New Beginnings was a success. I work with amazing women and love them and the young women dearly. It's going to be such a fun year. 

This is the facebook message from Kelli, Our YW President afterwards:
I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people! we had New Beginnings tonight and everyone did such an amazing job!!!! Thanks you for all your had work and dedication. You all are fabulous!

That was such a nice note and I totally agree with her!!

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Wow!! What a lot of work and love went in that activity and it looks so great.


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