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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Autumn's Wedding to Jaron Part 2

After Jaron and Autumn's Temple marriage in the Rexburg Idaho Temple, they did a few wedding party pictures:
Tymber, Autumn and Hope
Jaron, Autum, Tymber and Hope
Now the girls have a brother!!!!!
The parents!
Jaron's parents, Jaron and Autumn and Autumn's parents: Rhonda and my brother Richard
Richard, Rhonda, Autumn and Jaron.
Richard and Rhonda adore Jaron. It's exciting for them to have a son in law that they absolutely love. Plus adding another male to the family is a huge bonus for Richard. 
The best men and the brides maids. 

Our cute Kate needed a huge hug from Autumn.
My niece Zoey Michelle's daughter ... Kate with Autumn and Jaron.

Links to Autumn and Jaron's wedding: 

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