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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Autumn and Jaron's Wedding Part 4

Autumn and Jaron's wedding reception.
Autumn asked Brandon to make her wedding cake - Brandon my niece Zoey Michelle's husband has become our favorite cake decorator. Plus, the cakes are quite yummy too!
There was a snag on delivering the cake to the church. They set up a time to bring it to the church with someone who had keys. Unfortunately nobody came to let them in to the church. It was during the after wedding brunch with all the family - so they weren't available either.

They found some random neighbors near the church that were able to help them find someone to let them in. It was quite a hassle. 

But, they did get in the church and assembled the cake. 

Another thing that went wrong was that they live flowers that were suppose to be added to the cake were not there and didn't arrive until the reception started. So instead of artfully adding the flowers to the cake as planned, we quickly put them at the base of the cake. 
Autumn and Jaron getting ready to cut the cake. Brandon who made the beautiful wedding cake is at the side directing the process and taking off the ribbon on the first 2 layers of the cake. 

Autumn carefully cutting the cake. 

She splits the piece in two and hands one to Jaron. 
I thought they would be grown up about it and gently feed each other the cake. 
I was soooo wrong - they shoved the cake at each other like a bunch of teenagers. Well, I guess they kind of are. FunNY!

They were both covered in cake and frosting! Silly kids!
Throwing the wedding bouquet. It was super cute because a little girl 5 or 6 years old caught the bouquet. It was so darling and I'm sad I didn't get a photo of her and Autumn. You can see the little girl who caught the bouquet being held up in back - she's in pink. It was such a beautiful moment.

Autumn sent me the pictures of the little girl who caught the bouquet - She is so cute!
 She even was given a bouquet that she was able to take home.
What a great moment to remember throughout her life. Plus, it made an extra special moment for Autumn on her special day too. I love it!
The car was trashed. 
I have a tough time with things that ruin the car. There are ways to do it classy and nice. But, it was totally trashed. The first place to go is the car wash so that the paint doesn't get ruined. 
I remember doing that for my own wedding. I'm sitting in the car in my wedding dress while my husband in his suit was spraying off the car at a car wash. I guess it's what happens and is a tradition at weddings. I'm getting old because I just don't get it. A sign a few balloons are great - but things that damage a car is not cool. Shaking head. 

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