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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Larry's New Tattoo

 It was such a surprise when I found out that Larry and his friend Eric were popping into town to get a tattoo from Jason. 

Usually Larry flies in when I am working and can't see him. But this time he came in for a few days so I was able to meet up with them at the "Yard House" in The Village and visit for a while. It was great to see him and meet his friend Eric. 
 Eric had Jason tattoo a heart on his wrist that his watch covers up while he is working.
 Larry went for a knotted rope on his ankle - a very painful place for his tattoo. 
This is a picture of the tattoo shop Jason works at and some of his artwork on the walls. 
 Eric posted on his facebook wall: Larry's turn and it's not off to a good start, C'mon dude suck it up, it's not like you are givin' birth! And keep in  mind this is your son's total payback! lol!

Notice Eric is going to knock out Larry with a huge hammer Jason keeps in his shop for a little protection and to knock out those people who can't handle the pain (just kidding). But it is one mean hammer. 
 A photo of Larry's new tattoo. 

I had to laugh out loud when Larry's partner Mitch said on facebook: "I hope you mean "him" on the tattoos!

Larry's swears that Mitch knew about him getting a new tattoo. Oh boy, I hope he didn't get in trouble. 

Then Mitch says: "Wow, That's all I got!

I love those guys - they are a lot of fun. 
I had to throw in this fun picture of Larry and Ozzy. What a fun life he has roaming the globe. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Deans List

Dear Brady,

Congratulations for making the Dean's List for Fall Semester, 2013.

Final grad submissions are now in and our records show that you earned at least a 3.5 GPA on at least 12 graded credit hours for this semester. These are the criteria for Deans' List designation and this will be shown on your official University transcript.

Best wishes for continued success as you pursue your degree at the University of Utah.


Becki Broadbent
Scholastic Standards Director
University College Advising

**I posted the letter above on facebook and Brady's cute reply was: Haha, I feel that this is an equivalent to putting achievements on the fridge. You're too funny mom. 


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