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Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring Veteran's Day

This past month I've been watching all of the series of Army Wives on Netflix. 

It's strange how watching that show has brought me more respect for those who serve. When I don't have someone I actually know serving in the military, I don't think I ever really understood how hard it must be for the families as their soldiers fight for our freedom far away from them.

I've always understood the courage and sacrifice these brave women and men have and give. But really seeing it through the eyes of a TV show has brought a better understanding to me.

I'm thankful for their service. I am thankful that they protect those in need of freedom.

I have always been thankful to live in a free country, to enjoy the freedoms I have. I can't imagine living in a world where war is the normal and a woman has no freedom. 

Today, I honor all the Veterans who have served and who are currently serving this great nation. I pray for your safety and for those you protect and serve. 

It would be wonderful if one day our world is free from war, violence and evil. But, I suspect that day will never come, so I am grateful for those who protect us.

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