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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brady Was Hired!

The day after Brady moved to Salt Lake City he had a job interview with Teleperformance and was offered a job. 
The training for a job within Teleperformance is intense. Training is full time for 6 weeks. 4 weeks are the initial training and the following 2 weeks are "nesting" next to a current employee to finish up the training. All the hours are required to become employed.  

Brady had to go see if he could change his college class schedule to fit in with the training period before he could accept the job. He was able to change his schedule, but it still does conflict with the "nesting" training, so he will have to work that out with either the professors of the classes he will miss for 2 weeks or with Teleperformance. Hopefully it won't jeopardize his employment due to schooling. Hopefully they will be understanding that college is also important and will work with him. His school schedule has been approved by Teleperformance and he has 1 week of training behind him (before school started on Monday). 
After the training period he will become part time. But the next 5 weeks will be hard on Brady as he attends school full time and works full time. 

Teleperformance is a customer service support center. They contract with multiple companies to provide customer service - which is call service customer support. 
The company Brady will be working for is CenturyLink.
Both Jason and Sharon work for Teleperformance for customer service support for Apple products.
 Jason is a customer service support technician for Apple computers. 
 Sharon is customer service support for Apple TV. 

Both Jason and Sharon have given support for iPods and iPhones. It's great to have all that technical knowledge in the family.

Because Jason and Sharon both work for Teleperformance, they encouraged Brady to apply for a job in Salt Lake City. Hopefully Jason will be eligible for a new employee sign on bonus. 

I know they are still hiring, so if you need a job apply! It's a great place to work.

We fill very blessed that Brady was able to find a job so quickly. Hopefully the next 5 weeks won't be too difficult managing college, full time job training and homework. Of course he'll have to give up everything else in his life to focus on just those 3 things. It will be tough but I keep telling him it's only 5 more weeks and he can do it - because he is one AWESOME kid!

I have total faith in him that he will be a brilliant employee for them - because after all he is my son and we are over achieving awesome employees that ALWAYS succeed at whatever we put our minds to (and humble too - ha ha ha ha)

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