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Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 First Garden Harvest

I didn't do much of a garden this year. In fact, I debated on doing one at all. Since I am an empty nester, I just don't go through that much canned food as when my children lived here. I doubt that I will can anything this year, as my pantry is still quite full from last year. 

I still want fresh vegetables from my garden, so I did plant a few things. I planted them late, but at least I planted something this year besides flowers. Today, I was able to harvest my first green beans out of my container garden.
What is that you see? Yes, purple, white and green, green beans.

For my birthday, my sister Chris gave me some seeds. I love this present! Seeds can become quite spendy, so I love getting them as a gift. She has given me seeds for a few years, but this year she gave me some very unique seeds. (sorry, it was hard to scan these packages in/kind of blurry).
She gave me Tricolor Garden beans. I didn't know what to expect, so I only planted 1 container with these seeds. The seed color was the same color as the beans. I've eaten a raw purple bean and it tastes exactly like green beans. I can eat these - no problem.
 I did 3 containers of green beans. One container is the multi-color beans and 2 containers of my regular "Blue Lake" Bush green beans. They are doing great!
 One thing that I've found fascinating is that the purple green beans have purple flowers.
(The bloomed purple green bean flower).

The "pelletized" carrot seeds are quite unique. I was able to plant 1 seed per hole instead of scattering the seeds in the dirt and having to thin them. I can't wait until they are big enough to taste. But they are growing great and individually.
 See the carrots growing individually. Pretty cool.
 I've picked 3 tomatoes. Yum! Nothing better then tomatoes from the garden.
 I only planted 2 tomato plants.
 Oh look, another red tomato. It looks like I've picked 4 tomatoes now. Double yum!
I planted my zucchini plant as an after thought and really, really late. I finally have my first zucchini. I was a little afraid of planting zucchini this year because I always have more then I can handle. But, I do love zucchini and decided that I'd pawn off the extra to my neighbors or put them in front of my house with a "FREE" sign. I've done that before and people take them - which is great!

Well, that is the extent of my garden this year. I didn't show my strawberries, but they've done great this year and I'm still getting a hand full at least once a week. 

Summer isn't summer without fresh vegetables from your garden.


Valerie said...

They all look awesome! Everyone always talks about zucchini growing like crazy and having to give lots away, but I never have neighbors give them to me. :) I always buy mine since I'm too lazy to plant them and take care of them. :)

Zoey said...

Oh! I really need to learn this art!!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I've been wondering how your garden was doing. I've always been amazed at what you harvest from your containers.

Hope you are having a great summer.


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