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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Picking Up Brady from BYU

 April 26th I drove to Provo to pick Brady up from college for the summer. When I arrived he was packing like crazy to be ready to load the van when I arrived. He solicited some help from his friend Bryson. They almost had it all packed up in boxes when I arrived and we quickly finished what was left.
 It was wonderful to have extra hands to help load up the van. Thanks Bryson!

Even though we were able to pack up the apartment early in the day, we had to wait until 8 pm to have a check out from a resident assistant. (I didn't like that we had to wait). 

Bryson left after we loaded up the van - which left Brady and I to clean the whole apartment because Brady was the last roommate to leave. The other roommates had their check lists but it pretty much included just their rooms. We had to clean the bathroom and kitchen. After we had it cleaned, we had a long wait until it was time to check out. 

It was a beautiful day, so Brady took me on a nature walk. I loved it!
 There were lots of waterfalls on this nature walk and I made Brady stop and let me take a picture at all the beauty.
 It was a lovely spring day and the weather was perfect.
 I do love waterfalls, but mostly love this guy here! Thank goodness Brady is such a good sport and lets me take lots of pictures of him!!
 This is a pond that is Eco friendly and I believe part of the biology department. I was delighted to see the turtles and ducks of course.

 There were so many ducklings swimming around on this beautiful spring day. They are so cute and fluffy. Watching them swim a mile a minute is pretty cute too.
 The ducks kept pushing the turtles off the rocks sticking up in the pond. I'm glad we were able to see so many turtles in spite of the ducks.
 Very interesting shell.

 The most interesting part was when the mother duck called her ducklings (18 or 20 of them) and they all found a place underneath her. It was amazing that they all fit. Can you see all that fluffy cuteness underneath the mother duck? I loved the blue on her wing too.
It was a lovely walk!

Then we went and had some dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken until it was time to check out of the dorm room. I was amazed that the girl checking us out and inspecting the apartment was really tough. I cleaned that apartment really well, it was MUCH cleaner then when we moved in - but she still found stuff that we had to re-do. I couldn't believe it, but we did it and said good bye to BYU, Provo. 

I couldn't find a hotel room in Provo so I booked the Little America in Salt Lake City. The next morning we drove up to University of Utah and checked it out. Brady is transferring to UofU this next year. 

On the drive back to Boise, I got lost. I ended up driving in the direction of Reno, Nevada. Can you believe it? I lived in SLC for 14 years, but the freeway system is so different now - I couldn't believe I actually got lost. I had to drive clear out to the Salt Lake until I could turn around and point myself in the right direction. At least I was able to figure it out get us in the right direction to get home.

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