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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Mom's 75th Birthday Party

This May 2013 was my mother's 75th birthday.
 Brandon (Zoey Michelle's husband) is our fancy cake decorator. Isn't it a beautiful cake? Purple is my mom's favorite color. Each layer had a different flavor, with fresh raspberries and strawberries and ooey gooey chocolate. It was yummy. It was also my first time tasting fondant, the marshmallow delight called frosting. It was a deliciously beautiful cake.
 Brandon also made another cake for mom/grandma. She had an open house for friends and ward members to celebrate her birthday.
 My sister Chris put together the family celebration for my mom. It was a beautiful day and we had a pot luck dinner on Mom's patio. Below is Kevin, Kayla and Shawn. 
 Brian and Jordan.
 Jason and Laura.
 Eating on the table is my mom, Jason and Sharon, Laura and Jason, in the chairs Chris and Kurt and Samantha is on the floor.
 Laura and Samantha.
 My oldest brother, Lyle is in the corner with the white shirt on. Brandon our "Cake decorator" is in the plaid shirt.
 Zoey Michelle, Kate, Cindy (my sister) and Tracy. Zoey Michelle, Tracy and Laura are Cindy's daughters (3 of the 4 - Robyn is missing).
 I've been meaning to scrapbook mom's black and white photos for sometime now. I hurried and did a book for her birthday. Cindy, Chris and me are debating on some baby pictures of my brother's Lyle and Richard. I think it's Richard and they swear it is Lyle. Hmmmmmm, I still think it's Richard - LOL!
 Chris (the oldest), Cindy and Sondra (the youngest).
 Another picture adding Lyle my oldest Brother. Richard (my youngest brother) and his family couldn't attend because they had other plans for Autumn's graduation. We missed him.
 Mom with 4 of her children - Sondra, Cindy, Lyle and Christine. (Jordan is on Mom's lap - great grandchild (Tracy's son and Cindy's grandson).
 Grandma opening presents. My sister Chris did a photo memory book from all of us. Each family sent her pictures and a written memory of Mom. Chris did a lovely job putting the book together and it really meant a lot to my mom. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it. Chris also ordered 3 additional books for each of the daughters to have one too - a great history of the family in one book.

 Here is mom looking at the scrapbook I put together for her.
The party was a success and a quick trip for Jason, Sharon and me - we drove to Pocatello and back to Boise after the party in one day. At least we were able to attend (Brady had to work and couldn't attend).

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