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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Boys Love and Spoil Me!

In February I turned 51. I can't wrap my head around that age - it seems so old yet I'm still so young and least in my mind I am. ha ha!
Jason and Sharon brought me over these flower and this yummy cupcake to celebrate this momentous occasion. Brady even sent me a card in the mail. It's always nice to be remembered and spoiled for my birthday. Thanks Jason, Sharon and Brady! You make my life so full of joy!
Isn't that a cool cupcake? It was really yummy too!

Brady was in town for Mother's Day. He was up early and made me breakfast in bed. Not just an ordinary breakfast, but one full of love.
A pink heart shaped pancake smothered in strawberries and topped with whipped cream. I felt so special and loved.
Happy Mother's Day to me! I finally did it! I purchased a Kindle Fire HD. Office Depot had it $20 off at $179. I had a $70 rebate check from Office Depot, so it was only $120 with tax. Yippee!  It's very exciting to finally have a tablet! I love it!

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Zoey said...

Happy birthday Sondra! You are still 29 too!!! (With 22 years experience!!!)


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