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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

James, What a Cutie

All of 2012 I babysat James each Sunday. James is my niece Taylor's son (my brother Lyle's daughter). I had so much fun taking James to church every Sunday as he grew from a new born baby (Feb 2012) to a little boy starting to crawl around and pull himself up on furniture. 
I purchased this cute suit for him to wear to church. He looks so handsome!
I love all those cute little curls on the back of his head.
My Primary children loved having him in class each week and James loved singing time when we were in sharing time. 

A couple of weeks after I purchased this little suit for James, Taylor's work schedule changed and now she doesn't need me to babysit. It's very sad that I don't get him every week anymore, but happy that Taylor gets to spend the weekend with her little boy. He's such a fun little man.
A couple of months ago I got to baby sit James again. He's walking now and so much fun.
 I had to put our superman/batman cape on him. He didn't like it too much because it was too long. He needs to grow into it.
 But I had to get my camera out and take a few pictures of him. Look at those blue eyes.
 Eating one of my famous chocolate chip cookie.
 I never was able to get a backward view of him with the cap on, it didn't like it one bit.
It was fun baby sitting him while it lasted. I love every moment of it.


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