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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Even Superman Needs a Dad

Years ago after my divorce, I gave Brady's dad this painting with the story for Father's Day. It has always been my favorite picture of what a great father is. 

I just love it and thought I would share it today.
From Liz Lemon Swindle

Driving through a parking lot, I saw a boy and his father coming out of a store. The boy was imagining himself as a mighty hero, but he looked at his father with more admiration than any hero is likely to receive. Right then, I knew I had to paint "Even Superman Needs a Dad."

 This father took an interest in everything his son had to say. Every moment seemed magical. While this little boy looked a bit out of place dressed in a superman cape and red cowboy boots, his father could not have looked prouder. Who was the real Hero? Who was more in awe of whom?

When I looked around at the thousands of Supermen who play alone each day it breaks my heart. Looking at these two I remember a wonderful father who took the time to be there for me, who taught me by example what a father should be.

I enjoy watching someone look at the painting for the first time. Their gradual smile tells me they understand the feeling that brought about this painting. For a brief moment they forget there are bills to pay and work to do. They forget their worries and remember for a moment that life is wonderful. That is the joy of painting. 


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