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Friday, May 10, 2013

Primary 5 Lesson 18

Primary 5 Manual
Lesson 18
The Lord Reveals the Law of Consecration
Journal page:

An activity from the June 2009 Friend here:


Julie Nelson said...

Hi Sondra,
I've loved getting to know you through your blog. You seem like my kind of gal!!! You even post your primary lessons like I do (I teach Sunbeams).
Would you be interested in my sending you an electronic copy of my book "Parenting With Spiritual Power"? It was just released and I think you'd enjoy it very much. You could post your comments and tell others about what you think if you'd like. It highlights parents from the scriptures who were moms and dad like us, and how their examples teach us to raise our children righteously. It helps us to use the standard works as a spiritual guide, a parenting manual, to get answers to our most important calling--a parent.
Let me know if you'd like it, either a pdf or an ecopy sent to your email.
Julie K. Nelson

Julie Nelson said...

Whoops, I mean my email is:

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting all these wonderful extras for the primary lessons! I look at your blog weekly and often incorporate something you've posted into my lessons. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with everyone! Great job on your blog!


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