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Friday, March 22, 2013

Primary 5 Lesson 12

Primary 5 Manual
Lesson 12
Important Ordinances are Restored
Journal Page:
When John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, a sign was given to show that the Holy Ghost was present. To see what that sign was, start at the arrow and fill in all the space between the lines. Do not cross any lines. When you have finished, ask a parent to read aloud Matthew 3:16 [Matt. 3:16] and John 1:29–33 and explain them to you.


nb said...

I love your website and the information I am able to gleam from it. My 12 year old daughter and her friend came to me one day and asked if they could publish a website to teach people about being LDS. The site is LOL 4 LDS – lessons of life for LDS

They have done a wonderful job! I am trying to help get the word out. I was hoping that you would take a look at it and possibly add a link to your page. We would be happy to put a link on her page to your site if that is okay with you. Thank you in advance.

Sorry I didn't see a contact page. I didn't know where to post this.

Jay said...

Thanks again! :)


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