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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Surprises

Thursday while I was cleaning another of my customers, Mary Kay was there packing for a spring break trip to California. She showed me the cutest bunny she had purchased for Easter. It was made out of straw and had the coolest texture. Plus it was big a good 2 feet high. I loved it and asked her where she bought it. I told her that I needed to stop by Cost Plus Market to buy one too.

A little while later she asked me for my car keys because she needed to move my car and switch the cars in the garage. So I gave it to her and continued to clean. She left before I was done.

When I started to load my car I noticed a nice surprise inside.
That sneaky Mary Kay had given me the bunny.
 She also gave me a matching wreath.
She spoiled me - I just can't believe she did that. It was an amazing feeling to be appreciated and loved enough for her to give me such a great Easter gift. Mary Kay is always doing kind things for me. I just love her!

It made my day and I was extremely touched and full of joy.

As I made my way to the next house in the Boise foothills, I saw my first Pop Corn Tree.
So I sang Pop Corn Popping on the Apricot tree the rest of the way - cause I'm silly like that.
I love spring and seeing all the beautiful daffodils and crocus popping out of the ground.

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