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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Personality

I am silly.
I am immature.
I am cheerful and happy most of the time.
I am childlike.
I love to laugh.
I don't take things too seriously.
I enjoy life.
I say things without thinking.
I don't analyze things that come out of my mouth - but sometimes I really should. I just talk and don't worry about what I say ... until later and then sometimes I am embarrassed by what comes out of my mouth.
I try not to "one up" people, but I think sometimes I do. What I hope I do is share in a conversation with the same experiences I have had. I really try not to "one up" people and I hope the way I share in a conversation - I don't do that. I really hope that anyway.
I don't care too much about what people think of me - most of the time.
I'm just me.
I haven't grown up too much and am still very much a kid at heart.
I like to have fun and be funny.
I am probably not as reverent minded/acting as I should be.
I feel I'm equal with everyone - even if you hold a higher calling or status in life then I do.
I like to be around people who love me and except me as I am. I think that is why I love working with children and in the Primary organization. Children don't judge and love you for who you are.
I tend to call people by their first name - often. It's gotten me into trouble when I called a friend who was a bishop by his first name (wasn't a good thing). I'm not very good at the whole "Sister" and "Brother" thing. I like to address people by their name - it's probably the customer service in me and acknowledging the "person" by using their name. I like to be called Sondra - not Miss, Mrs., Ms. or even Sister. I know it's a "respect" thing - but I really don't do it very well. Just call me Sondra.
I don't mean to offend people by my lack of respect - but I think I do.
I think I shock people with my lack of trying to be grown up and acting proper.
When I talk to someone, I just want to be me - not someone else. I don't sensor what I say or try to act like people think I should act.
I dance to my own song, I rule my own life. I don't like someone trying to control me or make me behave in a certain way. I don't like to be controlled - a huge thing for me. Don't try to take over my life, make me act a certain way, or try to rule me ... it won't make me happy.
I like to lead and am self assured.
I have high expectations of people.
I can handle anything set before me.
I work hard. I am not lazy.
I am creative.
I don't trust easily.
I don't think too deeply ... I am more childlike in my thought process. I accept things as they are and don't feel I have to analyze every bit and piece.
I feel comfortable in my own skin and who I am.
I love my alone time and my down time.
I'm not sure I can be a grown up - it seems too boring or stuffy and out of character of the inner me.
I hate disappointing people who depend on me and try my best to help, love and please people. I am a people pleaser - on my own terms I guess.
I avoid negative people like the plague. I have learned to ignore them. I have been told I need to repent and be nicer - but really I'm fine with those people if they stay away from me. I don't want their grumpy mean attitude invading my space, I don't need those kind of people around.
I sometimes wish I was sophisticated, grown up, mature and not so kid like. But at this point in my life, I don't think it's going to happen. I don't think I can change or maybe I don't want to.
Anyway .... that is my personality.


Garden of Egan said...

I loved this post about you. You sound like my kinda gal.

Zoey said...

You are so fun! Under the "I don't think too deeply..." Next sentence, I think except should be accept. Yes? Love you Sondra! Don't try to be anyone but yourself!!!


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