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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kate's Hair Meets Green Silly Putty before Kaylor's Baby Blessing

We love silly putty!
I have lots of eggs sitting in our TV room.
We play with it as we watch TV.
We stretch it, twist it and enjoy it.
It's our favorite. 
 Normally when children come to our house I put it away. However, during Zoey Michelle's visit to tour the Boise Temple I forgot to put it away.
The kids were playing with it - which was OK by me.
Kate and Dawson usually sleep in the TV room on the reclining chairs. When Kate woke up Sunday morning I was sitting at the computer and she came to me and showed me a huge glob of green silly putty in her hair.
I said, "Your mom is going to kill me" and I called for Zoey Michelle.
We were getting ready to attend Zoey Michelle's sister Robyn's new daughter "Kaylor's" baby blessing.
I quickly googled how to get silly putty out. It said use rubbing alcohol.
We set Kate down at the kitchen sink and went after her hair with peanut butter and hot water. It just wasn't coming out and Zoey was freaking out a little. Green silly putty in blond hair is not a good look!
I went and grabbed a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and poured it on Kate's hair and started working it in. Zoey Michelle had to walk away, she was so upset that I was ruining her daughter's hair.
But, it started to break apart and we were able to get the silly putty out of her hair.
Zoey Michelle was still really worried about the damage I had caused her daughter hair and said that she would put on an extra moisturizing application on her hair when they got home.
Poor little girl. I was so sad that this happened at my house and as we were getting ready for Kaylor's Blessing.
There was still peanut butter in Kate's hair, so while Zoey Michelle was washing her hair my sister Christine came to pick us up to go to church.
We took Faith and Dawson with us and left for church.
Zoey Michelle, Brandon and Kate came in later, but made it in time for the actual blessing.
 Here is little Kaylor!
It is Kaylor's big day to have a Priesthood blessing to be given a name and a blessing to start out her life with.
 She sure is a pretty little girl!
 Even though the morning was interrupted with green silly putty, we made it to Kaylor's blessing.
Here is Kaylor's family!
 Jason (Dad), Hallee behind dad, Colt, Robyn (mom), Mom holding Kaylor, Jadyn next to mom and Bristol in front of dad.
Such a precious family!
As side note from January 11, 2013, Zoey Michelle posted on my facebook account:
Sondra, you are never going to guess what happened. Kate had some orange silly putty and it got on Brandon's new homemade quilt from Christmas! I have no idea where she got it, but just for the record, if anyone ever buys us silly putty, it is going STRAIGHT into the garbage!
(She was able to get it out with Rubbing Alcohol)

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