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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Hate Being Sick

I have been sick this past week. Last Thursday work was kicking my butt. I was exhausted and had sore muscles and couldn't understand why I was having such a hard time getting the work done. Thursday night I complete shut down with a million pain patches all over my body. I had a fever and chills. Friday morning I felt crappy with a sore throat coming on. I barely made it through one of my customers and canceled the other. I was sick.
Friday night I knew I needed to get to the doctor and get on some antibiotics. I was the first one in line to see the doctor Saturday morning. Oh, I should mention where I go for urgent care (because my sister had no idea of this). If you live in the Boise area this is a great place to go if you have strep throat or a minor illness:
St. Alphonsus Express Care
located in Albertsons:
4700 N Eagle Road (McMillian and Eagle)
6560 S. Federal Way
Rite Aid:
1515 W State Street
660 E Boise Avenue
When I started going it was a flat rate of $45, but now it is $75. I love having a flat rate with no surprise lab fee or other fee. You are in quick and the pharmacy is right there. It's great.
The doctor was a woman and after my visit, I thought "she reads my blog". She asked me if I had been around anyone sick and I told her that I clean houses. She smiled at me and said that I didn't need to say another word. Then she said, " and if you don't work, you don't get paid" and I said, "yes, that is right".
When she gave me my prescription, she said, "change or boil your toothbrush tomorrow". I just smiled because I have put that on my blog many times.
I'm sure it was just a coincident - but it made me smile.
Anyway ....
I was dying be the time I went to the doctor. My throat was raw. I should have went on Friday.
It WAS strep throat and I was given a prescription.
This has been the worst sore throat I have ever had in my life. It was so painful. I could hardly swallow - let alone eat until Tuesday. My throat was full of lesion which burned all the way down when I ate or drank anything. Very painful - the worst ever! 
I had so many obligations last weekend that needed to be arranged. I committed to lead the singing at the stake baptism Saturday and had to find a substitute.
I had to find a substitute for Nursery on Sunday. I also had to let James' parents know I couldn't babysit him on Sunday. I hate letting people down, but was able to find substitutes and James' grandma baby sat him. It all worked out.
I washed everything with Clorox in my house. My bedding was completely washed, towels have been changed daily, all surfaces around the house has been washed down. I even used cotton balls with rubbing alcohol on keyboard, mouse, telephones, TV remotes. Every door knob and light switch was washed down. I hate it when I am the one infecting my own home - yuck!
Monday I wasn't contagious anymore, so I went to work and it was tough - but I did it and came home and crashed. I was so weak. It wasn't until Tuesday that I finally turned a corner. I'm feeling almost back to normal today - yea! I really hate being sick.
My mom has been sick since Thanksgiving and finally last week she was in the hospital for 8 days. She has had the flu and hasn't been able to breath very well for a long time. She is home now, but they still don't know why she isn't getting well.

My diagnosis is that my mom is depressed. She was so worked up with the election that when Obama won again, she plunged into a huge depression and has gone downhill ever since. Nothing will help her snap out of it and make her happy again. It's quite sad actually that she can't be happy again and that "the end is near" mentality. It is very hard to deal with someone who isn't happy, grateful, loving or only thinks of their self. I wish she could snap out of it and move on with her life in happiness - but I can't fix it for her. It's a sad, sad situation.
Poor Jordan (my niece's son) has been in hospital too. He went in Sunday 1/27/2013 night and home on the following Wednesday. 
Jordan has asthma and ended up with asthmatic pneumonia . He was in the hospital for a couple of days and couldn't get his oxygen levels up without oxygen. He is doing so so much better now! A more severe asthmatic than we originally thought.  It sure is hard seeing such a little one feeling so sick.

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