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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Personality

I am silly.
I am immature.
I am cheerful and happy most of the time.
I am childlike.
I love to laugh.
I don't take things too seriously.
I enjoy life.
I say things without thinking.
I don't analyze things that come out of my mouth - but sometimes I really should. I just talk and don't worry about what I say ... until later and then sometimes I am embarrassed by what comes out of my mouth.
I try not to "one up" people, but I think sometimes I do. What I hope I do is share in a conversation with the same experiences I have had. I really try not to "one up" people and I hope the way I share in a conversation - I don't do that. I really hope that anyway.
I don't care too much about what people think of me - most of the time.
I'm just me.
I haven't grown up too much and am still very much a kid at heart.
I like to have fun and be funny.
I am probably not as reverent minded/acting as I should be.
I feel I'm equal with everyone - even if you hold a higher calling or status in life then I do.
I like to be around people who love me and except me as I am. I think that is why I love working with children and in the Primary organization. Children don't judge and love you for who you are.
I tend to call people by their first name - often. It's gotten me into trouble when I called a friend who was a bishop by his first name (wasn't a good thing). I'm not very good at the whole "Sister" and "Brother" thing. I like to address people by their name - it's probably the customer service in me and acknowledging the "person" by using their name. I like to be called Sondra - not Miss, Mrs., Ms. or even Sister. I know it's a "respect" thing - but I really don't do it very well. Just call me Sondra.
I don't mean to offend people by my lack of respect - but I think I do.
I think I shock people with my lack of trying to be grown up and acting proper.
When I talk to someone, I just want to be me - not someone else. I don't sensor what I say or try to act like people think I should act.
I dance to my own song, I rule my own life. I don't like someone trying to control me or make me behave in a certain way. I don't like to be controlled - a huge thing for me. Don't try to take over my life, make me act a certain way, or try to rule me ... it won't make me happy.
I like to lead and am self assured.
I have high expectations of people.
I can handle anything set before me.
I work hard. I am not lazy.
I am creative.
I don't trust easily.
I don't think too deeply ... I am more childlike in my thought process. I accept things as they are and don't feel I have to analyze every bit and piece.
I feel comfortable in my own skin and who I am.
I love my alone time and my down time.
I'm not sure I can be a grown up - it seems too boring or stuffy and out of character of the inner me.
I hate disappointing people who depend on me and try my best to help, love and please people. I am a people pleaser - on my own terms I guess.
I avoid negative people like the plague. I have learned to ignore them. I have been told I need to repent and be nicer - but really I'm fine with those people if they stay away from me. I don't want their grumpy mean attitude invading my space, I don't need those kind of people around.
I sometimes wish I was sophisticated, grown up, mature and not so kid like. But at this point in my life, I don't think it's going to happen. I don't think I can change or maybe I don't want to.
Anyway .... that is my personality.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Gifts for my Kids

I had to do it! I had to make some cute gifts for my children for Valentine's Day.
After all the cute ideas I saw on Pinterest, how could I let Valentine's Day go without making a few? Well.... I couldn't
Sharon put this next picture on her facebook account with the comment:
Yea, my mother-in-law is better than yours! She got Jason and I "iPods" for VDay :)
They were cute, but I didn't use a tootsie roll sucker because I didn't want to purchase a whole package. I saw these suckers for individual sale and used them instead.  
I mailed a package to Brady with a heart box of chocolates, a card and I added some window Gel hearts to decorate his apartment windows. Maybe I shouldn't have sent those because his roommate commented on facebook:
Unfortunately, my roommate Brady received a very nice package from his mother that had lots of chocolate and .... obnoxiously colored hearts to put on our apartment windows.... -_-  Now there's only one word that pops into my head every time I pass our windows: GIRLY!!!!!! Now I don't know if I should hid IN my apt., or stay OUT of my apt... WHY?????

It was a bunch of fun doing something extra for Valentine's Day. I think I had the most fun putting a box of goodies together for my children. I'll never grow up and not want to do fun things like this. I think that is what makes life fun!

Brady Looking Cute as Ever!

 When Brady posted these pictures he said: This is where my best selfies go when I am feeling unusually attractive.
 I'm glad he has good self esteem .... it makes life soooo much better.
He IS pretty cute if I say so myself  - but I may be a little bias.
I'm glad he is using the camera he received for Christmas for one happy mom! Keep the pictures coming Brady!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brady's Valentine Breakfast

 I was very impressed that Brady was motivated to make this delicious breakfast for Valentine's Day.
I love that the pancakes are pink. He sure is my son .... ear to ear grin!!!!
 Looks very yummy! He even shared breakfast with his roommate. I sure love that little guy and am proud of him for making the effort to enjoy a good breakfast.
This is what Brady wrote of Facebook when he posted the pictures:
Was my breakfast better than yours?.
Yes, I think yes.
No, no, definitely yes. My breakfast was better.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brady's Computer Drama

December 2011, 13 months ago, Brady received a new laptop for Christmas. Of course it is only 1 month out of warranty when it breaks. Brady was having issues with his laptop during Christmas break but never mentioned it until he returned home and it promptly died.
I told him to take it to a computer repair shop on campus. He originally called his dad to come and get his laptop and take it to get repaired. But I told Brady he was an adult now and he needed to take care of it and take it to the repair shop on campus - which he did the next day. (** keep reading why I regret Brady's dad not taking his laptop in for repair)
January 7th Brady took his laptop in for repair at BYU Bookstore Computer Repair. The mother board was damaged and needed to be replace at a cost of a little over $300. We approved the repair and they ordered the parts needed.
Week after week went by and Brady still did not have a computer. Finally after 4 weeks and Brady's school work suffering I asked for their phone number.
According to Brady they were still waiting for a part.
I hate being a helicopter parent but 4 weeks was outrageous! I could not even believe it was taking this long. So I called them. A student answered and they told me the part wouldn't be for a few days. I was angry and asked to speak with a manager.
When the manager came on the line, we found out the part was in and had been in. Holy cow!! So they promised they would work on it and try to get Brady his computer the next day.
Brady received his computer with a broken USB port and a few other issues.
His power cord didn't work with the new port they replaced so he had to take it back.
The computer wouldn't shut down when it was closed ... so he had to take it back.
Finally he got his computer back. He opened and used it in class, closed it and put it in his bag. Next class he finds that it's really hot. He promptly takes it back to the repair shop and it totally dies while the technician is watching the computer. The new mother board is dead again.
No computer again. ARGGGGH! After a month of waiting!!!!!
I should have bought him a new computer the week it died. I can't even imagine being in college without a computer.
I decided to just order him a new laptop from Dell where I have purchased the last 4 computers we have bought.
Murphy's law would make this much harder then it should be.
I found a new computer with a touch screen, Windows 8 (which I am sceptical about) and proceeded to order it with next day shipping.
That's where a huge problem hit.
Dells system wouldn't allow for a "Ship to" and a "Bill to" address. So I had to leave the address to the ship to address.
I put in my credit card number and ordered the computer.
Well of course my credit card company rejected the order and put a fraud alert hold on my card because the address was incorrect.
The order was placed on hold and they contacted Brady because their system wouldn't allow me to put my information into the system. Well, Brady doesn't have my credit card number so he sent me the details and then I tried to fix the issue.
I called my credit card company and had them remove the fraud alert off the card and explained the situation with Dells stupid computer system.
Then I had to call the Sales Rep. assigned to the order. Well, I waited for 45 minutes on hold and still didn't get her. The automated system asked if I would like to leave a message, but then couldn't understand the 7 digit extension number I put in and hung up on me after 45 minutes.
I called back and tried the regular sales rep line and got a lady on the phone who wouldn't take care of my order because her sales associate was handling it and put me back into the "On Hold" loop.
I hung up and called again requesting a supervisor - which I didn't get. The new Rep. was going to put me back into the "On Hold" loop with the assigned Sales Rep - but I threw a fit. He finally agreed to help me and fixed the order now that my credit card worked and he took my bill to address.
I asked him to notify me when the order was confirmed with my credit card and send me the shipment detail. He then proceeded to tell me that he would call Brady with the information while I was on the line. He didn't listen to a thing I said about it being ordered from me and the recipient was Brady. No common sense! I got a little angry trying to tell them NOT to call Brady because he was in class and to call me with order problems, issues and tracking information. Their system is totally broken!
Really, it should NOT be this hard!
AND from a company that sales computers and should be up to date with their technology and ordering system.
Well, I thought we were good to go and Brady would receive his new computer as promised on 2/7/13.
Brady was SUPPOSE to receive his new computer today.
Did he?
So I chatted with another sales associate that told me it hadn't shipped yet.
What?? That is unacceptable. I asked when it would ship and she said it should within 24 hours (which would mean he wouldn't get it until Monday).
I was outraged. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she indicated I would get a call back within 24 hours.
I told her that if it didn't ship today I was going to cancel the order. She was no help at all.
I decided to call back and cancel the order and have Brady's dad pick him up this weekend and take him to Best Buy. While I was on the phone an automated machine asked me for the order number. The automated machine came back and told me it was shipped today and the Fed-ex tracking number - which the other sales rep a few minutes earlier couldn't give me.
Seriously from a computer company? What kind of technology do these people work with?
It has been a computer nightmare.
What I learned.
NEVER have BYU Computer Repair shop fix your computer...
NEVER, EVER purchase a computer from Dell again!
If there is an issue with the shipment or the computer is damaged when Brady receives it... I will SCREAM!
Oh, and another great issue.. For Christmas Brady received a new iPod touch. He was on a date a couple of weeks ago and it fell out of his pocket into the snow and it's broken . . . . . with water damage which voids any type of warranty.
My financial success for January? One step forward .... two steps backward.
I hope to make it all right by scrimping in February.. I hope Murphy will visit another house.
Update: February 8th!
Yea! Brady received his new Dell Laptop today. So far so good.
He also received a Valentine goodie box from me - which made him happy.
Next.... surprise .... surprise!!!!!
BYU Bookstore Computer Repair shop came through by fixing his old computer. WOW!! I am surprised. But now we have a spare computer that will be mine when I see him in the spring.
Even though I have been extremely unsatisfied with the service from BYU Computer Repair shop, and Dell's customer service ... it all came together and Brady has a computer going forward.
Now I can relax and let my blood pressure fall back to it's normal levels - LOL!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Had a Baby and Didn't Know I was Pregnant!

Thursday Jan 30th I received this message on my Facebook account from Sharon my daughter in law:

I have a friend that found out about and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today. Since she didn't know she was pregnant they are not prepared at all. I was hoping that maybe you know some people to ask for a bit of help with baby stuff? She doesn't have much family here to help so I thought I'd do what could be done and ask around. She hasn't really told anyone so I can't do a mass FB post. So just let me know if your up for it. She'd really appreciate it. And I know, CRAZY!!!
The baby was 37 weeks, a little over 8 lbs 21 in. She had a bit of fluid in the lungs and was in NICU last night but gets out today and mom is doing as well as a lady who just had a surprise baby! Just some pain from the C Section. I found out last night that she has turners syndrome and shouldn't have been able to have kids and its amazing the baby is healthy with no help. She was snowboarding last weekend at 9 months pregnant!!!
Isn't that crazy?
Friends came together and she did get somethings she needed to bring her miracle baby home. I was able to get a few things together for her and made 2 flannel blankets with fabric I had on hand.
I can't imagine not being able to prepare for 8 / 9 months for a baby.
I can't imagine not knowing I was pregnant either. Just crazy.
She had her period the whole time and took a couple of pregnancy test that all came out negative.
In hind sight she says she missed things that told her she was pregnant.
But, the miracle of the whole thing is that she did have a precious baby who is healthy. Something she never thought she would have.


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