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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Staying Well With Nationwide Flu Epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention said Friday influenza has hit epidemic levels across the nation, and is considered being widespread in 47 states.

I try to do everything in my power to resist being sick and encourage my boys to do the same thing. We rarely get sick, in fact I believe Brady had 100% attendance all through school. It was rare that he missed a single day of school - more rare that is was from an illness in 12 years.

We drink lots of water in general, but always stay hydrated when sickness is going around. We don't drink from drinking fountains but carry a water bottle with us. I always have orange juice in the fridge too.

Wash hands often. As soon as we come home, that is the first thing we do is wash our hands to the song" Happy Birthday or Twinkle, Twinkle little star. -- make them wash before dinner, before bed... lots of hand washing and lots of reminders to do it.. Pack around hand gel and clean your hands with it when there is limited places or time to wash your hands. With Brady in college, I encourage him to hand sanitize between classes if he can't wash them. I tell Jason and Sharon to clean their desk, keyboard, mouse and phone as soon as they arrive at work with 409, Clorox clean up or at least with a Clorox wipe everyday. Plus, I encourage them to wash their hands often and try not to touch your face with your hands. A good article on the benefits of hand washing here.

When you arrive home, take a quick shower and change clothes. Don't let those germs on your skin and your clothes to enter your home or stay in them the rest of the evening.

Have different tooth paste tubes for each member of the family. Change toothbrushes. I change my toothbrush at least monthly if not more. I love new toothbrushes - it's one of my weird quirks. But when we are sick, I change my toothbrush more often and/or boil them after each use. 

I change the sheets on our beds every week. When we are sick, I change them every day or every other day - just like a hospital. I always wash the sheets and towels in HOT water with Clorox. When we are sick I also wash blankets too - I normally wash them a couple of times a year anyway but definitely when there is sickness in the house. The blankets we have in the TV room are washed at least monthly / again more often if there is sickness.

A new towel each time someone showers. Don't share a towel. Paper towels in the bathrooms for washing hands - then throw away.
I know - lots of laundry.
When we are sick, I use Clorox clean-up every day - twice a day on sinks and fixtures. You can dilute regular Clorox in a spray bottle - that works too.. 3 / 1 (the 1 being the Clorox and 3 being water).

Plastic cups for drinking that you throw away after each drink when sickness is in your home. At the very least everyone has their assigned drinking cup.

Kleenex tissues in every room with a garbage can that is emptied daily with a tissue that catches every sneeze.

Oh... and another tip I read was no second helpings at dinner unless you have a new plate.. The serving spoon shouldn't touch a germ infested used dinner plate that is using a serving spoon for the 2nd helping - which infect the rest of the food.

Clorox wipe/spray every door knob and light switch too regularly. 

Eat nutritious meals everyday. During this widespread flu epidemic, I don't eat out and never at fast food  restaurants where those who may be cooking my food may be sick and can't risk not coming to work. I prefer having control over what goes into my body and only eat the things I cook to stay healthy.

I hope you all stay healthy this winter!


Valerie said...

Great tips!

Zoey said...

Lots of good tips! We always do the paper towel thing in the bathroom, but a few of these tips I had never heard, so thank you. Everyone around us it sick, but we are okay still! (Knock on wood and then go wash your hands!!!)


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