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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Calling: Nursery

Today I started my new calling as a Nursery teacher in the older nursery.

I admit when I was called I was quite sad and tried to change my attitude to be positive that this would be a fun calling. 

I am very sad to leave the CTR 7 class. It's been 4 years and I love to teach those 7 year old boys and girls and prepare them for baptism. It has been heart breaking to know I would miss out on all those baptisms and the excitement of watching them grow and become members of the church. Yesterday I attended my last baptism for my class. sniff sniff

I've had anxiety about the calling in nursery. I kept thinking that they were wasting my talent as a teacher by putting me in nursery. Isn't that an arrogant thought? I know I should be more humble. Sometimes I feel that when new people come into the ward and don't know me, I get boxed in the "Loser Single Woman" box - until they get to know me. The new Primary Presidency doesn't know me at all and I wondered what they were doing putting "me" in nursery - prejudgment of a loser single woman. OK ... I know that is not fair - but it's not the first time I've been wrongly judged because I'm not a perfect married member. I'll get off my soap box - but I was feeling extremely low being called to the nursery.

That was until today. Oh, the fun I had with those children. It was a wonderful day. First of all - no parents lingering in the nursery with their children - a huge pet peeve of mine. Second - we didn't have any "bawling"  or "throwing a fit" kids. It went very smoothly. They played nicely. They sat well during singing time and the lesson. They sat and ate the snack perfectly and afterwards we read stories and put puzzles together. 

It was wonderful. Not at all like I had imagined it to be. I know I will enjoy this new calling while I get to play for 2 hours each Sunday. I hope to make an impact on those children and prepare them for Sunbeams next Janaury. They are wonderful kids and I'm going to love getting to know them better, playing with them and teaching them about Heavenly Father and Jesus. 

After class while we are waiting for parents ... every one of my old CTR 7 class stopped by and said "Hi Sister Murray". It was so sweet. They made my day. I sure love serving in the Primary and am excited for this new opportunity to serve in the nursery. 

My prayers were answered with a new positive attitude - Yea!


CB said...

When I saw the title of your post my first thought was "They picked the BEST teacher for the nursery!". That is the way it is in our ward. The Primary Pres. who was released a few months ago is the nursery leader. Those little ones just beginning to learn and grow need the very best and most loving teachers!!

I didn't even get to finish out my year with my CTR 7's - they called me into YW in Sept. I was not to happy about that either. It is hard to change. I love the YW but I was really enjoying the Primary too.

I am glad your first week was such a great experience!

Valerie said...

Change is hard! I think you'll be an awesome Nursery leader! I'm glad you had a good day with the little kiddos. :)

Zoey said...

You blogged! So excited that you posted (I need to badly). I think that you will do awesome. Think how ready they will be when they leave nursery and start primary! I can't wait to hear about all of your fun experiences. Did James enjoy it?

Garden of Egan said...

You will be fabulous. I bet those older primary kiddos are going to miss you something fierce!
I served in the nursery when my hubby was the bishop. It was exhausting, but so rewarding.
You'll do so great.

Ann Marie said...

I thought the same thing as Cherie! They picked the best!

There is so much more to nursery than just babysitting.. and I know you will bring that spirit that they need!

I also think a lot of you.. because there is only a handful of people in our ward that are willing to serve. I have found that when I hear someone is called to it now.. I know they are the most humble and willing of the church.

You are an awesome teacher.. and the Lord is asking the best teachers be in with the youth.



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