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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Primary Class Christmas Party 2012

It's time for my Primary Class Christmas Party! The last party of the year for this CTR 7 class.
I order pizza, have pop and snacks.
I also have crafts for the kids to do. The girls did the crafts but the boys wanted to play. It's a party so I let them do what they wanted to do.
They colored a snowman puppet - Kendell is showing her snowman puppet below.
Jaylynn, Hailey, Kendell and Lyndsey 
They made sparkle snowflake ornaments - the boys made these too:
The girls made foam stick puppets - cute aren't they?
Dylan in the ball, Seth and Baron
 Of course the growing ball is always a huge success - the children always love to play with it.
Hyrum and Dylan in the ball
 The boys were boys and quite rowdy - but I was OK with that as long as they didn't break my house.
They wanted to watch a movie and asked if they could watch Gremlins - I told them absolutely not - they had to watch a Disney type show - which they finally agreed to. Silly boys!
Seth and Hyrum in the background
 The 1 1/2 goes by quickly and soon parents were at the door. We had to hurry and open presents before they left.
Baron, Brox and Seth
 I first make them all sit down then I call them one by one  to pick a present and a candy sack.
Hyrum, Dylan, Shelby in the back in pink and JayLynn on the couch
 They have to wait until all the boys and girls have a present ...
JayLynn, Hailey, Kendell and Lyndsey on the couch - Shelby in the chair
 Then 1 .... 2 .... 3.... They can open the present.
 What could it be??? (the kids that have older brothers or sisters in my previous classes already knew what I give them for Christmas)
 A journal!
To record all their memories from being baptised and being 8 years old. If they write in the it will be a treasure for the rest of their lives.
It was fun to see many of them bring them to church the next day and writing in them.
I a way it is very sad for me because this is my last year teaching CTR 7. Next year I am a nursery teacher. I'm going to miss my class parties!!

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