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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Joy of Family Visits

My mom was in town visiting September 18 through the 23rd. She had her yearly doctors appointment and she refuses to get a doctor in Pocatello. So each year she comes back to Boise to see the doctor she has had for years.
While she was here Taylor and Jenny - her granddaughter and my nieces - came over for a visit.
Grandma with James. He is such a cute little guy and has such a calm delightful personality. He's a great baby amd I get to babysit every Sunday. I love him! 
 Jenny brought her children which included a new baby that we call Princes Ella. She is precious.
 Jenny's husband Nate also came too. Nate endured an afternoon as the only man amongst a bunch of chatty women. We enjoyed having him there too and I hope he had a good time listening to us cackle.
 Here is Jenny's family. Gabe, Jenny, Nate, Ella and Kylee.
I pulled out a bunch of Halloween craft kits left over from my Primary parties for Gabe and Kylee to create many fun things.
This is something Kylee made for me and it is hanging on my fridge:
 Aunt Chris also stopped by to see Jenny's new baby. Of course I only have a picture of Ella with a big yawn.
 Among the Halloween Craft were vampire teeth.
I vant to such your blood..
 Gabe's little mouth could hardly handle those teeth.
Kylee and Gabe had a great time and were entertained while the grown ups visited. 
Kylee and Gabe love to come to Aunt Sondra's house because I always have some fun craft for them. I have a kid friendly house where there are lots of things for little ones to do.
 It was such fun to get together - we don't do it nearly enough. I sure love them.
 Earlier in the week Mom, Chris and I went to the dollar show and watch The Avengers. This is the 2nd time I had seen it. Of course Brady and I went on opening day. I caught a lot more detail the 2nd time. I love Marvel movies.
I should have had mom watch both Iron man shows, Thor and Captain America before we went so she could remember more detail. But we watched them over the next couple of days and I even caught more detail that I hadn't thought of before. Of course I own the movie now to go along with the rest of the collection.
After the movie we went to dinner at Chuck-A-Rama. It was pretty fun to be out with my mom and my sister. We had a great evening.
When we took Chris home she showed us what she has been working on. Chris is really into quilting and has done some amazing projects. It makes me want to start quilting too. She is very talented.
Also while mom was here, I had her watch season 1 and season 2 of Downton Abbey. She loved it of course. We watched it with sub-titles because her hearing isn't what it used to be. I enjoyed reading and watching it. I caught a lot more because sometime with that British accent, you don't quite get every word.
I love Downton Abbey and can't wait until season 3. If you haven't watched it - you MUST!

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