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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Trunk Or Treat

While Zoey Michelle's family was visiting for the weekend, we also were able to go to my ward's trunk or treat. I'm glad I brought my camera to take a few pictures.
Zoey Michelle's comment about our Trunk or Treat:  I thought that we basically knew how trunk or treats went, but let me tell you. These Boise people really know how to do it!!!

First, they had PLENTY of food (chili and taco soups) to feed the group inside the church. (I made a pot of chili and a pot of taco soup. Everything was yummy!)

Next, I couldn't believe the costumes that I saw there. Really, I mean, they went all out!!!

A couple of my Primary class kids: Ella was Red Riding Hood. And the Kendell, the girl in black? Well, let's get another angle.
Yep! A skunk!
A few angels and a goddess
Jaylynn, Isabelle, Alexis (not quite sure who the baby is)

Fun vampire girl - Shelby - another Primary class kid.
And another Primary class kid - Hyrum - we LOVED him as a pirate! That's a classic!
Layci - One of my favorites was this jellyfish
Natalie, Kaelyn and Sarah are candy corns? Too sweet too eat for sure!!!

And then, not only were the kids dressed up, but most of the adults too!

Loved this Ninja Turtle - Isaac, complete with shell and all! They shell is a backpack - fun, isn't it?

Isaac was just a Primary boy when I moved into the ward, now he's married and was Brady's Home Teaching Companion when he lived here. I'm getting old seeing all these kids growing up.
I totally got a kick out of Sean as the Flash. Big Bang Theory!!
Complete with the Flash shoes too! Fun!
When we went outside for the trunk or treat, we saw this fun sight! Pumpkin bon fires baby from the Fastabend family!!! They do this every year! They fire shot up probably 3 feet high when he gave it the juice.

Great car ideas. These 2 were scientist and gave out samples of homemade root beer along with a science experiment for the kids to do.
The Bennion family's car - This pumpkin had actual light bulbs eyes in the pumpkin. I really have no idea how they made them light up!!!
The Mecham's truck with their cute daughter and fun pumpkins.
It was almost like Ripley's Believe It or Not all night at the Townsend family truck!!!

Seth as Harry Potter - his family car above. (one of my Primary kids)
By the end of the evening, everyone was visiting and chatting. It was just SO much fun!!!
Miss Kate is a fairy.
 Dawson was a wizard.
 Faith was Pocahontas - we had to talk her into wearing it though. She is a teenager after all. She looked darling. Thanks Faith for humoring Aunt Sondra
I'm happy that they were here this weekend to join in all the fun! 

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