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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Doodle Art with the Jolley's

During the weekend visit from Zoey Michelle and her family, we spent time doodling or coloring Halloween Doodle Art Alley pictures. I love Doodle Art Alley and their free coloring pictures and quotes. Sometimes I just want to color and this is where I download and print of fun things to color while I'm watching TV.
Did I tell you I was quite weird? Well, I am and I love to color! You should check out their website - it is awesome - here!!!
Kate coloring Doodle Art Alley pictures as she waits for everyone to get ready to attend the Boise Temple Open house.
 It's such fun! I had all of these pictures on my refrigerator and this isn't all that we colored - these are the ones they left for Aunt Sondra.
 Everyone colored a pictures - except for Brandon - who must not be weird like the rest of us - he's just too cool - LOL!
 I vant to suck your blood!
Ooo oooo hh Ooooo Oooo HHhhhh ... scary ghosts - colored by Faith.
I had to throw in a few pictures of the kids - Dawson's school picture. Very handsome young man!
 Monsters -- I'm getting scared!
 Creepy skulls - that my boys would have loved.
 Zoey Michelle's artwork. I started one of these, but didn't finish it when they left.
Faith's school picture.
Faith was really disappointed that Brady doesn't live here anymore because she wants a rematch of playing Life with Brady. She even wrote him a cute note that he still owed her a game. I just love Faith!
Creepy Crawly spiders.
And I LOVE Kate's pumpkin art.
We had a bunch of fun coloring doodle art through the weekend.

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