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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boise Temple Opens for Tours Saturday 10/13/2012

 Holiness to the Lord
The House of the Lord.

 The front entrance.
A Hallway.
 The Baptistery.
 An Instruction Room.

 The Celestial Room is often used for meditation. Notice the beautiful chandelier that I was able to help put together.
A sealing room where marriages are performed for "time and all eternity".
 See the detail on the doors and windows.
 The brides room.
The new fountain that was built by my home teacher, Jeff Gale's business. Beautiful!
I can't wait until we are able to tour the temple and more importantly get back to temple work after the dedication. 


Zoey said...

Love it! We can't wait!

Tina said...

Hi Sondra :-) I occasionally check in on your blog and enjoy reading it because I grew up in Boise. I attended the ground-breaking and the FIRST open house of the temple there! I have not been back for years, so it's fun to hear about it and see the pictures you posted on your blog. I also just wanted to mention that you might want to change your spelling of the word "ceiling" to "sealing"... I'm sure it was a quick-blog-post error (I make them all the time). I think it helps to clarify what is done in that room for readers of your blog that are not members of the Church.

Thanks for posting!

Sondra said...

Thanks Tina!!


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