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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boise Temple Chandeliers

Tuesday, September 18th I was able to give some service at the Boise Temple and help put together the chandeliers. A member of our ward is part of the architecture firm that planned the remodel for the Boise Temple. So our ward and the ward of the "engineer" were able to go help put the chandeliers together. Putting all the crystals on the frames around the whole temple.
Normally I never can do this because it's during the day and I am self employed and never take time off. Because when I don't work I don't get paid. However, several people asked me to go, so I arranged my work schedule so I could go help.
It was a wonderful experience to be in the temple and see some of the changes that were made. It's absolutely beautiful!
We worked on a chandelier outside the celestial room, but were able to put on a couple of crystals on the huge chandelier in the celestial room.
This is not an actual picture of the chandelier we did, but it kinda looked like this.
This is a celestial room in another temple - not the Boise temple. But the crystal chandeliers are amazing along with the beauty of the temple.
I served the 2nd shift 1-5 so the celestial room chandelier was half way done when we arrived. We were able to put a few crystals on it to say that we helped. The chandelier was down near the floor so they could put the crystals on.
When the chandelier was complete they raised it up to the ceiling dome. As it was being raised, my friend Carla said we should pray or sing something. So I started to sing "I love to see the Temple" and she joined in and then the rest of the sisters watching it go up started singing too. It was timed almost perfect that when the song ended it was all the way up the dome.
The spirit was so strong and several sisters were crying... doesn't music bring the spirit so strongly? It was a fun experience to be there in the temple providing this wonderful service. I'm glad I was able to attend and have a peek at the new remodeled temple.
It's different to be inside the temple and to look around and enjoy the temple that way. We sat in many different rooms just looking at the detail. Normally I am just paying attention to the service when I normally attend and don't notice all the beautiful details inside the temple. I've never been in the Boise temple baptismal font, bridal room or several of the sealing rooms. I was able to sit in all of them and take in the beauty.  I am grateful I had that amazing experience!


The Jones Family said...

It is so wonderful that you were able to go and provide this service. The temple is an amazing place!

Zoey said...

Awesome! What a neat experience!


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