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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boise Idaho Temple Open House

My niece Zoey Michelle and her family wanted to come over from Pocatello to Boise for the Boise Idaho Temple open house with me.
The temple has been closed for nearly 2 years for renovations because they roof had a major structural problem and there were other issues. With the structure repair work, they updated the carpets, wood and many other things to make the temple new again for the Lord.
I love when my niece and her family come for a visit because we always have such a delightful time. I love them dearly and their visits are such a highlight to my life. I'm glad they like Aunt Sondra and come often - yea for me!!!
They came for the weekend, so we reserved our ticket to attend on a Saturday, October 27th at 9:20 am. It was a chilly morning with a blue sky a beautiful day for the tour. We didn't know if we would be able to park at the temple or down by the mall and be bussed in. Lucky for us were were able to park right at the temple!!!!
As we walked from the Temple parking lot to the Stake house, I was cheerful and greeted everyone in my path with a smile and a "good morning". I think people thought I was weird - well I know I am weird - but I want others to know that we are happy, kind, loving people and to feel welcomed as they visit our temple. I think the ushers thought I was funny.
Faith, Dawson and Kate
We entered the stake center next to the Boise Idaho Temple for a short video before the tour began. I really enjoyed the video because it gave a history of the church in the Boise area and when the temple was built in Boise. 
Brandon, Faith, Dawson, Kate and Zoey Michelle
Our tour was a "silent" tour which I didn't like very much at all. I know that they have to usher many, many people through the temple especially on a Saturday - but I wanted them to speak to us as we entered each room. Because I had been in the temple many times, I knew where we were and what the room was, but for a non-member they had to read the pamphlet they gave us at the beginning of the tour (I've added it to the bottom of this post).

Aunt Sondra, Kate, Faith, Dawson and Zoey Michelle
There were times during the tour that I wanted to speak to people around them and explain - but I didn't. However I did remind Zoey Michelle and Brandon to stop in the Sealing room with their family and look through the eternity mirrors. I wanted to tell the others to do the same thing - it was sure hard to be quiet!!
 Faith, Dawson and Kate
After the tour of our BEAUTIFUL Temple, we took pictures and then went back to the Stake Center for refreshments.
When we arrived we found out there weren't any cookies and punch - what?? But Mormons always have refreshments.
Instead they had a piece of candy on a white napkin and that was it.
Apparently the Brigham City Utah Temple went way over budget for refreshments because so many people attend their open house. That left no money for refreshments for the Boise Idaho Temple. Too bad they didn't let members furnish homemade cookies and water. We all would have pitched in with refreshments - too bad.
It appears that they church isn't going to have refreshments anymore with open houses. Sooo sad! But, I guess the real reason we visit the temple is to see the beauty and feel the spirit there ... not go for refreshments... However, we sure would have liked a cookie - smiles!
It was a lovely visit to the temple with family. We enjoyed it and did feel the spirit during the "silent" tour. I love the temple!
AND I loved attending with my sweet niece's family - it was the best!!! 

 Here is a look at the pamphlet they gave us.


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