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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kate's Hair Meets Green Silly Putty before Kaylor's Baby Blessing

We love silly putty!
I have lots of eggs sitting in our TV room.
We play with it as we watch TV.
We stretch it, twist it and enjoy it.
It's our favorite. 
 Normally when children come to our house I put it away. However, during Zoey Michelle's visit to tour the Boise Temple I forgot to put it away.
The kids were playing with it - which was OK by me.
Kate and Dawson usually sleep in the TV room on the reclining chairs. When Kate woke up Sunday morning I was sitting at the computer and she came to me and showed me a huge glob of green silly putty in her hair.
I said, "Your mom is going to kill me" and I called for Zoey Michelle.
We were getting ready to attend Zoey Michelle's sister Robyn's new daughter "Kaylor's" baby blessing.
I quickly googled how to get silly putty out. It said use rubbing alcohol.
We set Kate down at the kitchen sink and went after her hair with peanut butter and hot water. It just wasn't coming out and Zoey was freaking out a little. Green silly putty in blond hair is not a good look!
I went and grabbed a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and poured it on Kate's hair and started working it in. Zoey Michelle had to walk away, she was so upset that I was ruining her daughter's hair.
But, it started to break apart and we were able to get the silly putty out of her hair.
Zoey Michelle was still really worried about the damage I had caused her daughter hair and said that she would put on an extra moisturizing application on her hair when they got home.
Poor little girl. I was so sad that this happened at my house and as we were getting ready for Kaylor's Blessing.
There was still peanut butter in Kate's hair, so while Zoey Michelle was washing her hair my sister Christine came to pick us up to go to church.
We took Faith and Dawson with us and left for church.
Zoey Michelle, Brandon and Kate came in later, but made it in time for the actual blessing.
 Here is little Kaylor!
It is Kaylor's big day to have a Priesthood blessing to be given a name and a blessing to start out her life with.
 She sure is a pretty little girl!
 Even though the morning was interrupted with green silly putty, we made it to Kaylor's blessing.
Here is Kaylor's family!
 Jason (Dad), Hallee behind dad, Colt, Robyn (mom), Mom holding Kaylor, Jadyn next to mom and Bristol in front of dad.
Such a precious family!
As side note from January 11, 2013, Zoey Michelle posted on my facebook account:
Sondra, you are never going to guess what happened. Kate had some orange silly putty and it got on Brandon's new homemade quilt from Christmas! I have no idea where she got it, but just for the record, if anyone ever buys us silly putty, it is going STRAIGHT into the garbage!
(She was able to get it out with Rubbing Alcohol)

Motivational Monday: "Can Money Buy Happiness?"

''The best things in life are free, But you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money, That's what I want, That's what I want.'' In 1959, these words were written by Barrett Strong in a song called ''Money (That's What I Want).'' The song was later made famous throughout the United States and the UK when The Beatles covered it in 1963.

One year later, The Beatles again topped the charts with the hit song, ''Can’t Buy Me Love.'' When asked about the meaning of the lyrics, Paul McCartney said, ''The idea behind it was that all these material possessions are all very well, but they won't buy me what I really want.'' However, when reflecting on the perks that money and fame had brought him, he was to later comment: ''It should have been 'Can Buy Me Love.' ''

Paul McCartney and The Beatles are not the only ones who have contradictory views around the age-old question, ''Can money buy happiness?'' Put another way, ''Does money, or lack thereof, impact how happy we are?'' Psychologists, philosophers and ordinary folks have debated this question for years.

What we are finding out is that happiness is the ultimate currency. Not only do happy people enjoy life more and have more fun, but they also practice positive lifestyle habits and have stronger immune systems. When faced with illness, happier and more optimistic individuals have been shown to be more proactive in their medical care, more compliant with treatment and medication, have quicker recoveries and show better health outcomes. So, if we want to be healthier and happier, it’s worth figuring out where money comes into play.

So how can you develop the right attitude toward money and keep it in a healthy place in relation to your happiness level? Here are some tips:

Cover Your Needs
If you are struggling to meet your basic needs, do all that you can to foster a more secure future. Get the help of professionals, whether it’s with career planning, financial planning or government assistance. There are many no-fee or low-fee agencies who can offer you guidance.

Save for the Future
Determine the amount of savings that would allow you to feel a sense of security toward handling emergencies and your future. Develop a savings plan that works for you, and be consistent.

Foster Connections
Focus on building stronger relationships with your loved ones. Research has shown the happiest individuals have the strongest commitment and connection to family and friends. Money doesn't guarantee happiness, but good relationships most certainly do!

Don't Make Comparisons
Savor the pleasures of your spending without comparing yourself to others. Comparison almost always leads to feelings of inadequacy, and often for no good reason. Bask in the joy of your new car without coveting your neighbor’s more expensive one. Appreciate your long weekend vacation instead of wishing for an around-the-world cruise.

Create Experiences and Accumulate Memories
Spend your energy on having experiences that will make memories instead of having stuff. Many of life's greatest pleasures cost very little money—and can even be free! Socializing, spending time in nature, embarking on work and/or hobbies that are meaningful, volunteering, and listening to music are some of the many activities that people report bring them the greatest joy.

Additionally, here are some examples of experiences that are generally worth spending money on due to the enhancements they can bring to your life:
  • Experiences that help us to grow and develop as individuals, such as education, lessons and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Small pleasures, such as a massage or a private Pilates lesson, rather than an extravagant purchase.
  • Gifts for others, rather than for ourselves.
  • Donations to charities that have a personal connection to us.
  • Purchases that have been worked and saved for.
Do I think that money can buy me happiness? No, but it can sure bring enjoyment to my world. I will continue to believe that my happiness is not dependent on money. Although important, if I had to make do with less, I could simplify my life, and I would still be happy. I am surrounded by family and friends I love and enjoy, and do work I find amazingly meaningful, purposeful and rewarding. I will continue to work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor, and hopefully never, ever take all that I have for granted. I hope you will do the same.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Doodle Art with the Jolley's

During the weekend visit from Zoey Michelle and her family, we spent time doodling or coloring Halloween Doodle Art Alley pictures. I love Doodle Art Alley and their free coloring pictures and quotes. Sometimes I just want to color and this is where I download and print of fun things to color while I'm watching TV.
Did I tell you I was quite weird? Well, I am and I love to color! You should check out their website - it is awesome - here!!!
Kate coloring Doodle Art Alley pictures as she waits for everyone to get ready to attend the Boise Temple Open house.
 It's such fun! I had all of these pictures on my refrigerator and this isn't all that we colored - these are the ones they left for Aunt Sondra.
 Everyone colored a pictures - except for Brandon - who must not be weird like the rest of us - he's just too cool - LOL!
 I vant to suck your blood!
Ooo oooo hh Ooooo Oooo HHhhhh ... scary ghosts - colored by Faith.
I had to throw in a few pictures of the kids - Dawson's school picture. Very handsome young man!
 Monsters -- I'm getting scared!
 Creepy skulls - that my boys would have loved.
 Zoey Michelle's artwork. I started one of these, but didn't finish it when they left.
Faith's school picture.
Faith was really disappointed that Brady doesn't live here anymore because she wants a rematch of playing Life with Brady. She even wrote him a cute note that he still owed her a game. I just love Faith!
Creepy Crawly spiders.
And I LOVE Kate's pumpkin art.
We had a bunch of fun coloring doodle art through the weekend.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boise Idaho Temple Open House

My niece Zoey Michelle and her family wanted to come over from Pocatello to Boise for the Boise Idaho Temple open house with me.
The temple has been closed for nearly 2 years for renovations because they roof had a major structural problem and there were other issues. With the structure repair work, they updated the carpets, wood and many other things to make the temple new again for the Lord.
I love when my niece and her family come for a visit because we always have such a delightful time. I love them dearly and their visits are such a highlight to my life. I'm glad they like Aunt Sondra and come often - yea for me!!!
They came for the weekend, so we reserved our ticket to attend on a Saturday, October 27th at 9:20 am. It was a chilly morning with a blue sky a beautiful day for the tour. We didn't know if we would be able to park at the temple or down by the mall and be bussed in. Lucky for us were were able to park right at the temple!!!!
As we walked from the Temple parking lot to the Stake house, I was cheerful and greeted everyone in my path with a smile and a "good morning". I think people thought I was weird - well I know I am weird - but I want others to know that we are happy, kind, loving people and to feel welcomed as they visit our temple. I think the ushers thought I was funny.
Faith, Dawson and Kate
We entered the stake center next to the Boise Idaho Temple for a short video before the tour began. I really enjoyed the video because it gave a history of the church in the Boise area and when the temple was built in Boise. 
Brandon, Faith, Dawson, Kate and Zoey Michelle
Our tour was a "silent" tour which I didn't like very much at all. I know that they have to usher many, many people through the temple especially on a Saturday - but I wanted them to speak to us as we entered each room. Because I had been in the temple many times, I knew where we were and what the room was, but for a non-member they had to read the pamphlet they gave us at the beginning of the tour (I've added it to the bottom of this post).

Aunt Sondra, Kate, Faith, Dawson and Zoey Michelle
There were times during the tour that I wanted to speak to people around them and explain - but I didn't. However I did remind Zoey Michelle and Brandon to stop in the Sealing room with their family and look through the eternity mirrors. I wanted to tell the others to do the same thing - it was sure hard to be quiet!!
 Faith, Dawson and Kate
After the tour of our BEAUTIFUL Temple, we took pictures and then went back to the Stake Center for refreshments.
When we arrived we found out there weren't any cookies and punch - what?? But Mormons always have refreshments.
Instead they had a piece of candy on a white napkin and that was it.
Apparently the Brigham City Utah Temple went way over budget for refreshments because so many people attend their open house. That left no money for refreshments for the Boise Idaho Temple. Too bad they didn't let members furnish homemade cookies and water. We all would have pitched in with refreshments - too bad.
It appears that they church isn't going to have refreshments anymore with open houses. Sooo sad! But, I guess the real reason we visit the temple is to see the beauty and feel the spirit there ... not go for refreshments... However, we sure would have liked a cookie - smiles!
It was a lovely visit to the temple with family. We enjoyed it and did feel the spirit during the "silent" tour. I love the temple!
AND I loved attending with my sweet niece's family - it was the best!!! 

 Here is a look at the pamphlet they gave us.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Trunk Or Treat

While Zoey Michelle's family was visiting for the weekend, we also were able to go to my ward's trunk or treat. I'm glad I brought my camera to take a few pictures.
Zoey Michelle's comment about our Trunk or Treat:  I thought that we basically knew how trunk or treats went, but let me tell you. These Boise people really know how to do it!!!

First, they had PLENTY of food (chili and taco soups) to feed the group inside the church. (I made a pot of chili and a pot of taco soup. Everything was yummy!)

Next, I couldn't believe the costumes that I saw there. Really, I mean, they went all out!!!

A couple of my Primary class kids: Ella was Red Riding Hood. And the Kendell, the girl in black? Well, let's get another angle.
Yep! A skunk!
A few angels and a goddess
Jaylynn, Isabelle, Alexis (not quite sure who the baby is)

Fun vampire girl - Shelby - another Primary class kid.
And another Primary class kid - Hyrum - we LOVED him as a pirate! That's a classic!
Layci - One of my favorites was this jellyfish
Natalie, Kaelyn and Sarah are candy corns? Too sweet too eat for sure!!!

And then, not only were the kids dressed up, but most of the adults too!

Loved this Ninja Turtle - Isaac, complete with shell and all! They shell is a backpack - fun, isn't it?

Isaac was just a Primary boy when I moved into the ward, now he's married and was Brady's Home Teaching Companion when he lived here. I'm getting old seeing all these kids growing up.
I totally got a kick out of Sean as the Flash. Big Bang Theory!!
Complete with the Flash shoes too! Fun!
When we went outside for the trunk or treat, we saw this fun sight! Pumpkin bon fires baby from the Fastabend family!!! They do this every year! They fire shot up probably 3 feet high when he gave it the juice.

Great car ideas. These 2 were scientist and gave out samples of homemade root beer along with a science experiment for the kids to do.
The Bennion family's car - This pumpkin had actual light bulbs eyes in the pumpkin. I really have no idea how they made them light up!!!
The Mecham's truck with their cute daughter and fun pumpkins.
It was almost like Ripley's Believe It or Not all night at the Townsend family truck!!!

Seth as Harry Potter - his family car above. (one of my Primary kids)
By the end of the evening, everyone was visiting and chatting. It was just SO much fun!!!
Miss Kate is a fairy.
 Dawson was a wizard.
 Faith was Pocahontas - we had to talk her into wearing it though. She is a teenager after all. She looked darling. Thanks Faith for humoring Aunt Sondra
I'm happy that they were here this weekend to join in all the fun! 


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