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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Open House Part 5

 My sister Cindy's Daughter Robyn and her family: Bristol, husband Jason, Jadyn, Hallee and Colt. Robyn lives in Nampa and between her, Christine and me ... everyone had a place to stay for the weekend.
Zoey Michelle and her family wanted to stay with the fabulous and humble Aunt Sondra (cough cough). But, I had already promised my little brother Richard and his family could stay. I would have loved to have everyone stay but I only have one shower and it would have been a little difficult. I have 1 bathroom and 1/2 in my home. It's enough for my small family but gets a little tight with guests but we make it work.
Richard stayed with me for the weekend and we had a blast!
Autumn, Richard and Rhonda
Hope and Tymber.

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