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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kevin and Kayla's Open House Part 3

Shawn, the groom Kevin, and big brother Justin.
Shawn, Groom Kevin, Bride Kayla, and Justin.
Dad Kurt, Shawn, Kevin and Justin.
I wasn't paying attention when they started the photo shoot and missed a family picture with Chris.
 Here is my family picture with my brothers and sisters.
Lyle and Richard in the back.
Sondra, Christine, our Mom Zoey and Cindy.
This is my Mom Zoey and all the grand kids and great grand kids.
Back row: Bristol, Robyn, Zoey Michelle, Jenny, Taylor, Brady, Autumn, Justin, Kevin and Shawn.
Middle row: Jadyn, Hallee, Gabe, Kylee, Grandma Zoey holding James, Kate and Hope.
Sitting ont he ground: Colt, Dawson, Tymber and Faith.
Grand children missing: Jason, Tracy, Laura and Grant
Great Grand children missing: Christian, Conner, Jordon and Samantha
What a great heritage!
I had to get a "kissing" photo .... grin!

I also wanted to mention (even though I didn't get a picture of it) the guest signature book. They made a photo book of all the engagement pictures and had the guests sign on any page in the book. It was a beautiful book and a wonderful idea. I wish I would have done that for Jason and Sharon's wedding - a great idea!


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