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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kevin and Kayla Are Getting Married

My nephew Kevin is getting married. I am very happy for him, especially for finding such a great girl. Our whole family loves Kayla, she fits in really nice with everyone. Good job Kevin - you are one lucky man!
Here is the invitation:
 They are such a cute couple.
They decided to have an Open House here in Idaho before they went back to Georgia for the wedding. The reason they planned it for the July 28th weekend is because his brother, Shawn has returned from his mission in Mesa, Arizona.
The Kevin and Kayla's open house was Saturday and Shawn's sacrament meeting homecoming talk was Sunday. It worked out really nice for everyone who was traveling to Boise to have everything on one weekend.

 Elder Shawn (This is a picture of him leaving - I didn't get one of just him returning).
I'm going to throw in a few engagement pictures of Kevin and Kayla:


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