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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brady's New Home

 Brady's new living room.
 Brady's new dining room.
 Brady's new kitchen without a dishwasher :-(.
 Brady's bedroom. Brady has a single room and isn't sharing it. The apartment is 2 bedrooms and the other bedroom has 2 people in it.
 His desk at the end of his bed.
Snacks on the shelf:  Granola bars, Gushers, Gobstoppers, and the last on you can't see has mini Reese's peanut butter cups. Every kid needs a few snacks right?  
 The keyboard that he received for graduation didn't fit in the living room - so it's in his bedroom.
 Joseph is from Aurora, Colorado. The roommates had been in contact for a few weeks before they arrived at college. I was really worried about Joseph during the Movie theater attack during Batman. I kept googling his name to make sure he was OK. When I met his mom and him (they were there on Tuesday too) we talked about it. Joe was in a different theater but he was at the midnight showing of Batman. He also knew someone who was shot. Such a sad ordeal, but we are happy that Joe was OK.

On Wednesday Kirk arrived. He is from Lindon Utah only 20 minutes away. I was able to meet his parents too. (you can see the TV in the right hand corner of the picture. I let Brady take my 32 in TV from my bedroom. He was pretty excited and felt spoiled.
Brady has been Mr. Clean in his apartment and is the roommate doing the dishes most days. He's made the other ones do it now and again. I knew he would want a clean house *grin.
Joe has a job from 4am - 8am every week day. I'm sure that is a hard thing.
Kirk doesn't seem like he is there very  much, I'm sure he is back and forth from home quite often.
Brady is getting along with his roommates pretty good - he just wished they would do the dishes more - LOL!
The first week of school was a little stressful. Brady is struggling with his Calculus 2 class. I had to mail him his note book from his High School Calculus 1 class - so he could review. He told me today that he has a "study buddy" and he's been putting in lots and lots of hours studying and doing homework for his Calculus class. I hope it gets better for him.

**Brady's facebook message today 9/12/12: I sat in on math class taught by a different teacher than the one I have, and the lecture was wonderfully better then the lectures my teacher gives. I think I'm going to show up to all the lectures for the different class from now on, so I'll have math 8 hours a week now, 3 nice lecture hours with the good teacher, and 5 confusing and dismal hours with the teacher I signed up for. I also have a study buddy and do homework in the math lab with her, so when we get stuck we get helped by a TA. Homework is going so much better. I'm going to survive calculus this year! **
The rest of his classes he absolutely loves.

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