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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adventures on Sunday

Sunday morning, we had plenty of time to be lazy and watch the Olympics (YEA!) before sacrament meeting that started at 1:00 PM.  Zoey Michelle's family loaded up early because Faith was at Aunt Sondra's and they needed to do her hair (Aunt Sondra doesn't do cute girl hair because I only had boys). We all hung out at for awhile, and ate lunch.
Autumn had been sick through the night and wasn't doing very good Sunday morning so Richard and Rhonda decided to head back home and miss Shawn's mission homecoming talk.

They were getting ready to leave as we were getting ready to leave for sacrament meeting. Somehow the keys got locked into the car Richard and Rhonda were driving. So here we were, ready to leave, and they couldn't get in. Oh, and did I mention the car was running???  The worse part was that this wasn't their car - their car broke down on the drive from Blackfoot to Pocatello. So they stopped by Mom's (Zoey) and asked if they could take her car so they could go. She let them.
So here the car is running but one of the front doors is ajar and not closed all the way. We went to look for a wire hanger to hit the automatic lock on the door.
As fate would have it.... I did NOT have one wire hanger in my house. Great! So I started knocking on my neighbors door. Lyle had stopped by and so Richard and Lyle were trying to figure out how to get into the car and looking every where for something to use to open the car door.
They found a fly swatter and took apart the wire handle and then they found a wire camping hot dog stick that they took apart to use.
They couldn't hit the automatic door lock hard enough to make it unlock the door. But they were able use it on the automatic window knob and rolled down the window.
Yea! After 10 minutes of panic they were able to get into the car.... I've decided to get some wire hangers in my house - shaking head.
We had to Rush to get to the church on time. There wasn't enough room on 1 bench, so Zoey Michelle's family sat alone. Kind of sad. The program happened to be a missionary who was leaving, a quartet of young men, and Shawn, who was returning from his mission.

The guy that was leaving did a fantastic job! He seems so ready to go out and serve the Lord. I have no doubt that he will make a fantastic missionary. I'm sure his family is proud.
The quartet sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"acapella. It was WONDERFUL!
And finally, Shawn shared a couple of stories and related them to gospel principles. It was a very nice program!!!
After church we headed back over to Aunt Chris's to eat the left overs from the open house and then everyone left to return to their homes.
It was sooo quiet after everyone left our house after such a fun and eventful weekend. It was a wonderful that so many of our family could make it and celebrate these happy times for Kevin and Kayla and Shawn!
(side note: Jason and Sharon were in California visiting Jason's dad - that is why he isn't mentioned in all of these posts. I missed having him here and around as the family got together for the weekend.)

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