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Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's a Girl, Kaylor Jensen

Kaylor Jensen
Daughter of Robyn and Jason
Sister to Hallee, Jadyn, Colt and Bristol
She came to this earth on September 26th at 3:22 am.
(born on Uncle Lyle's birthday - my big brother)
7 Lbs. 5 oz. 21 inches long.
Robyn says she has been the calmest baby that they have had so far, so we'll see. Labor and delivery went quickly and they are doing well and hoping to come home this morning.

Her Family and my niece's family:
 Robyn and Jason opted not to know the sex of the baby until she was born - it was pretty exciting to find out what she was.
 She will be another great blessing to this family. I'm sure the kids can't wait to meet her.
Now there are 4 daughters and 1 son.
Kaylor 1 week old.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Invitation to the Boise Temple Open House

Today my ward received invitations to give our neighbors and friend for the Boise Temple Open House. I thought I'd share the invitation on my blog and invite anyone who would like to attend.
 The front of the invitation - the new picture of the temple.
Inside the invitation.
Inside the invitation with directions to get there. All traffic will need to come from Franklin (by the mall) and will not be allowed to enter from Overland. It will all be one way.
The back of the invitation.
Overflow parking with shuttle bus service will be available at the meeting house on Curtis Road at 701 S Curtis Road (next to Borah High School). Shuttle buses will run all day Saturday and after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. Parking instructions will are provided on the back of the online tickets. If the parking lot at the temple is full, cars will be directed to go to the shuttle bus area. Maps and other transit information can be obtained at: Please obey parking attendants and police directions.
The traffic pattern will not allow the normal route to the temple - cars must enter by coming south from Franklin Road. Barriers on Cole Road will prohibit a left hand turn into the temple parking lot so cars need to go southbound on Cole Road.
Tours with Spanish translation available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings and all day on Saturdays.
Modest attire is recommended.
Cameras, video recorders, and backpacks are not permitted on the tour.
Everyone is encouraged not to interact in any way with the protesters that may be present - they have a legal right to be there. Please let ushers and security personnel handle any disturbances or situations needing attention.
In case of inclement weather, bring appropriate weather protection. Be prepared to carry what you bring through the open house - no storage area will be available.
Information on the Youth Cultural Celebration can be found on "
MOST IMPORTANT: Bring your friends, neighbors, and family members to the Open House.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Primary 2 Lesson 37

Primary 2 Manual
Lesson 37
I Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Sunday box

Primary 2 Lesson 36

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hallee's Baptism

 On September 1st, I attended the baptism for my great-niece Hallee.
I was thankful that I remembered to bring my camera, because her mom's camera was broken and she didn't realize it was until they were in the church house.  
Hallee looked very beautiful in her white dress.
Before the service, I took the family into the hallway and took a couple of pictures. Hallee and her dad Jason.
Hallee and with her mom Robyn (my niece) and dad.
A family picture with brother and sisters Bristol (in Mom's arms), Colt, Hallee and Jadyn.
Walking down the hall towards the baptismal font.
I thought Hallee's hair flower was beautiful and wanted to get a picture of it.
Robyn giving Bristol a cookie. Robyn is also pregnant with a new brother or sister (which will be a surprise) due on Sept 26th.

After the baptism and confirmation, we stopped by Hallee's home for a few yummy refreshments. Robyn made banana bars which were very yummy and I totally need the recipe. She also made homemade oreos. Cindy my sister made zucchini cookies and the other grandma brought a bundt cake. It was all very good.

 My sister Cindy is in the floral dress and her husband Kelly is sitting next to her.
It is always an exciting day when a Child of God chooses to be baptised and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Also, the importance of having these 2 ordinances performed and making sacred covenants with Heavenly Father AND choosng to become one of Jesus' followers.
It was a wonderful day! I'm proud of Hallee for making this choice in her life. 


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