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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shopping for College

We've been having a bunch of fun shopping for Brady's apartment at BYU. We've found some great deals. Here are some of the things we have bought:
Dishes from Shopko, regular priced at $59.99 each times 2 equals $119.98.
We purchased them for $14.88 each times 2 equals $29.76
Savings $90.22
21 piece pan set regular priced at $119.99
We paid $58.88
Savings of: $61.11
But wait ... we had a $30 rebate (that we've already received)
Total cost: $28.88
Flatware set regular priced at $129.99.
Purchased for $38.88
Savings of $91.11

Aren't those some great deals?
I splurged on towels for Brady. I purchased a 3 sets of towels (2 bath, 2 hand towels and 2 wash cloths per set which equals 6 bath, 6 hand towels and 6 wash cloths) from JC Penneys and had them engraved with his name (by JC Penneys). They are nice towels and totally worth the splurge.
It's it fun?
We have been looking for a bed set, but they looked juvenile or were poor quality. I found this one on-line from Brylane Home for a twin. Green is Brady's favorite color, so this worked out really great. We also purchased two 300 count sheets sets in sage and a mattress cover in Twin XL for his bed. I still need to get a twin blanket or 2.

We've been purchasing a few clothing items too. It's been really fun and I'm excited for him. We leave in just 30 days from today to send him to his first year of college. I can't believe how fast things are going. I just hope he is ready by then.

Between now and leaving for BYU Brady has:
Family visiting next week for a wedding and missionary homecoming.
Stake Helamen's camp for Priests preparing for a mission.
High Adventure Scout camp.

After he comes home there will be only 2 weeks to get everything packed and and ready for the move.


The Jones Family said...

You got some great deals! I remember when my second daughter started at's already been 10 the time flies. Now she is graduated, married and has three kids! Sending kids off to college is a fun and exciting time! Enjoy!

Zoey said...

That is happening so fast! Does he have a camera that he can take pictures for you? I know that he will do just great!


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