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Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivational Monday: What Kind of God Allows Tragedy?

This past week I have been re-reading a favorite book series called "Barrington Family Saga" by Anita Stansfield.

At church yesterday the opening hymn was "Come, Come Ye Saints". Needless to say, by the 2nd verse I was choked up and couldn't sing. It's amazing to me the faith of the Pioneers, their strength as they were steadfast and immovable.
It's a pioneer story that starts in 1838 about Eleanore and James Barrington, their journey in accepting the gospel and in joining with the Saints during so much persecution.

With the horrific events of the theater massacre in Colorado last week, there was a passage in the book that stood out to me in explaining why these things sometimes happen.

 Because others explain my thoughts much better, I thought I'd share this passage from book 2 "A Quiet Promise". It gives such a great analogy of why these thing happen and why they happened to the LDS pioneers.

Quote from author "Anita Stansfield"

"What kind of God allows such persecution to be the measure of devotion? How can a loving God stand by while His people are driven, raped, murdered, and why they die of disease and exposure on all side? How can He .... let innocent children die and ...." The last came out on the wave of a sob.

Eleanore was surprised at how well she knew the answer.

"The same kind of God who gave every human being the gift of free agency and the opportunity to have it tested through the course of this life.

The same kind of God who stood by and watched His Only Begotten Son suffer more than any human being could possibly imagine.

Because His suffering was the only way we could ever hope to find peace in the midst of the difficulties that would inevitably come to us here as Satan fights to oppose all that is good.

The Saints have suffered immeasurably. No one can dispute that. Some have fallen away, but most remain steadfast and true no matter the horrors they've had to endure or the children they've had to bury. They have the peace of knowing that while God cannot take away the free agency of others, nor stop the natural course of life and death, He loves them. They are in His hands. They feel the peace He offers. They understand the perspective of eternity.

That's why they're willing to suffer, to sacrifice so much. It's not about this life. It's about eternity. It doesn't have to end with death." 

I never want to blame God for any of these tragedy ... because I know where this kind of evil comes from - Satan.

I want to be steadfast and immovable as those who came before me, never wavering in my faith and devotion in a loving God. 


The Jones Family said...

Great post! So true. Something we must all remember. Thank you. I am going to look for those books by Anita Stansfield. Looks like a good series. Have a good week!

Zoey said...

Great post! I just might have to borrow some more books this weekend! You are so wonderful! Love you!


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