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Monday, July 2, 2012

First Pea Harvest

Beautiful peas......

I've been eating peas for weeks and loving every bite.

Finally we had enough to freeze.
I was able to get 5 one cup bags full.

My new trick is to put the bag in a glass, with the edge of the bag folded over. Fill the bag, pull up and zip up the bag. It's a great hands free process.

I saw this on Pinterest. Someone showed how she put frosting in a frosting bag. The next time I decorated cookies I used that technique and fell in love with it.

Now every time I make something to freeze - like spaghetti sauce - I use this technique and I LOVE it!
Over the weekend I was able to do 11 one cup bags. They look kind of steamy because you boil the peas for 2 minutes, let them cool in cold water and then put in bag and freeze. I guess they were still a little warm.

I'm super excited because I have 16 bags / meals now and my garden is still full of them.

It's been a great harvest. So far I see at least 1 pot pie per month for a full year with fresh peas - Yum! I use them in lots of dishes - but my favorite is pot pie.


Garden of Egan said...

Yum! Peas are my favorite.
Do you have a recipe for pot pie to share?

Sondra said...

Tauna, I've linked up my pot pie recipe. Click "pot pie" above and it should take you to the recipe. Yum!


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