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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century, Sondra!

I've finally updated my telephone.
Around Brady's graduation my old phone (silver) started to have a ton of static and I couldn't hear what the caller was saying. It was difficult to communicate when someone called me, because I couldn't hear them. 

At Brady's graduation, I arrived before Jason and Sharon and saved a seat for them. When they arrived they called me to find out my location. I couldn't understand a word they were saying. I just kept telling them "I can't hear you, but I am on the front row of section 17".

They found me, but it wasn't easy. It was at that time I wished that I had a phone that could text.

I HATE texting and never really wanted to JOIN in the texting generation.

I knew I needed a new phone and luckily that week I saw an advertisement for the Tracfone above (black) for $19.99. I purchased it, transferred my cell phone number and minutes over to the new phone.

It's still a Tracfone and I am not on a contract. It has a camera, texting capabilities along with internet access. I won't use the internet access on the phone - but I've sent a couple of text messages. I still believe in calling the person I need to speak to - but can text when needed.

It's kind of fun to join the 21st technology. I'm still a Tracfone user because I refuse to have a contract, but now I can text even though I know I won't ever be addicted to texting - it's annoying.

Plus, it was a sweet deal for this nice phone for only $19.99 - an amount that I am willing to spend on a cell phone. That's the frugal girl in me.

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