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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seminary Graduation

Sunday, May 20th was Brady's Seminary Graduation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

All of the graduating seniors from our Stake were to arrive a the Stake House 2 hours early at 5PM. They were interviewed by a member of the Stake Presidency, practiced walking in, seating and also practiced a song to sing during the graduation.

They sang the EFY song: "As Sister in Zion / We'll Bring the World His Truth" which is my all time favorite song. I love it and the young men and young women did an outstanding job! It brought a beautiful spirit to the meeting.

Here is the song if you are not familiar with it.

Brady is a 4 year graduate from Seminary. It was the best part of his day.

If you are a reader of this blog, you know the fun Brady's had in giving Seminary Devotionals the past 4 years. It's made an impact in his life and also the students in Brady's classes.

Brady's also had some wonderful teachers who've taught the gospel. Each year the students focus on a book of scripture for the year - 1 book/per year. Here are the 4 years of study.
Old Testament
New Testament
Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants
It is a blessing to have access to Seminary in our high school as one of the periods during the day, a building in walking distance to the school and wonderful teachers and classmates to make each moment in class uplifting.

Here is a copy of the certificate Brady received at Graduation.
Signed by a Living Prophet of God on the earth today:
Thomas S. Monson
 It was signed by our current Stake President:
Michael Read

And the Meridian High School Seminary Principal and teacher:
David Keeley
(Brother Keeley fought a battle with colon cancer during the past year and is doing well. He lost a lot of weight and is soooo thin - but healthy. We love Brother Keeley!) Brother Keeley came to the graduation late and sat next to me in the back of the chapel. As Brady's name was called - I reached over to him and told him to get up to the stand and shake his hand. He promptly walked up to the stand and shook Brady's hand and the rest of the graduates. I was grateful because he was the only representative from Meridian High School there - the rest were from Mountain View and Rocky Mountain High School.

It was a wonderful and uplifting meeting and graduation from LDS Seminary!

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Zoey said...

I love that you are not afraid to say what you think and feel. That is something that I so admire about you! What a fun and exciting day. I don't really remember mine ...


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