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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday Fun: Fire and Music

Saturday morning on Dairy Day weekend we went to see Robyn and Jason's new house.

Kate had a "sleep over" with her cousins Hallee and Jadyn.

Robyn doesn't live far from me. Finally I stopped by for a visit and to see their new house. They moved back to Nampa from Pocatello - YEAH! They have only been here for a few months. Their new house was a short sale/foreclosure. There were many things not finished in the house when they purchased it and a few updates they are working on to make the house THEIR HOME. Right now they are living with remodel mess/fun. But, it should be completed soon and then they can relax with a home they love.

Their home sits on 2 acres of land along with farm land all around them. It's nice to have neighbors close by, but also have solitude without neighbors on top of you and behind you. There is an abundance of privacy and room for her children to play.

I wish I would have taken pictures of her HOME, but all we ended up getting was pictures of Jason's (Robyn's husband) pyro fun. He was actually burning old trees and dead landscape as they try to get the yard shaped up from neglect. Brady was kind enough to help out in moving dead items over to the fire. Actually I think Brady helped out to play in the fire (boys! *grin).
It was fun to watch and the fire was quite high at some points. The joy of living in the country.
The kids were outside playing and loved to go over and check out the fire from time to time. It was fun to watch.

We spent several hours over at Robyn's visiting and having a tour of their new house. I have to say that I have "bargain envy" of all Robyn's frugal purchases off of Craig's List. She purchased a beautiful bedroom set for $500 complete with a 4 poster bed, two night stands and two dressers of beautiful dark wood with great detail. She has found some great deals! <3 love, love love them!

Later Saturday evening, Meridian was holding a free concert at the city building. They held free concerts last year but we never attended any. Because the city's building is close to our house, I've always been able to hear the music in our back yard while sitting on the patio.

One day last year Brady was outside and heard the music. He put on his shoes and went and l@@ked for the music. When he found "the music" he also found his Pioneer Trek Ma and Pa. He sat with them and enjoyed the music - I was gone somewhere. When I came home he was so excited to tell me all about the free concerts. I told him I knew about them and he couldn't believe we haven't been attending them.

This year we vowed to watch them. Saturday, June 16 was the first concert of the year.

Featuring High Street!
I loved the music because it was from my era - 60, 70, 80's music. I don't think Brady knew any of the songs, but he did enjoy the show.

They were great!
I especially loved their colorful suits!
I loved all the instruments they played. Many people in the band sang different songs. There was a lot of variety to the show.
I loved that people danced on the side walks. This particular lady was really "into" each song. She sat right by us - when she WAS sitting - which wasn't often. Most of the time she was dancing up and down the sidewalk. She must have been a dancer in her youth because she was brilliant - WOW to her dance moves.

I wondered if she has some affiliation to the band - because she was sitting and dancing alone most of the time. She knew every song and was quite an "active participant".

There were LOTS of couples doing "The Swing" too. Loved the whole environment!

Faith, Dawson and Kate joined Brady and me. Zoey Michelle and Brandon stayed home - Zoey Michelle wasn't feeling very good. I was surprised when I came home to a clean kitchen - they did the dishes. Awe - wasn't that nice of them?

When we returned, we watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. I was surprised they hadn't seen it yet. Dawson got quite scared. I moved him to my bedroom and he watched Over the Hedge.

We sure enjoyed a fantastic weekend! 

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