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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Primary Class Party May 2012

On May 19th I held my 2nd Primary party in 2012 for my CTR 7 class. It was a nice day and we partied in my back yard. I barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers, with chips, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cookies and cupcakes. It was a fun day!
 Dylan (black shirt), Hyrum (blue shirt), Tyson (green shirt).

The kids painted snakes and made airplanes to fly around the back yard.  
 The girls:
Left side front: Kendell, Lyndsey, and JayLynn
Right side front: Hailey and Shelby
 A blurry picture of Brox who had to run in and run out to go to a soccer game. At least he showed up for a minute.
 The kids also decorated a hat - Shelby is modeling the hat she decorated with stickers.
 I had chalk for the kids to make art on my cement pad.
Lyndsey and JayLynn
 The girls eating a Push Up Popsicle - kind of dark but fun. 
 A lighter picture of the girls: Shelby, JayLynn, Kendell, Hailey and Lyndsey.
 Of course the growing ball is always a hit at the parties. This is Hyrum. 
 All three boys: Tyson, Dylan, and Hyrum.  
 Shelby and Lyndsey in the ball. 
Hailey is blowing bubbles. I gave each of them a bottle of bubbles.

We had a fantastic time. It was Hailey's 8th Birthday! Happy Birthday Hailey.

A few students in my class were missing:

I brought them a bag full of the crafts and goodies from the party. I tried to have it while the kids were still in school hoping to have a good attendance. 9 out of 14 isn't too bad.

Our next party will be around October then the last one in December. 4 parties per year if they are reverent in class and earn the party with our jar of warm fuzzies.


Valerie said...

Looks like they all had a great time!
I miss my little Primary kiddos.

Alyssa McVey said...

I wish I could have made it! It looks like they had fun!

Garden of Egan said...

What a great party!
It is so inspiring all of the memories that you are making for those kids.
You are a great teacher!


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