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Friday, June 29, 2012

Primary 2 Lesson 26

Primary 2 Manual
Lesson 26
Choosing the Right Gives Me a Happy Feeling

I use this smile/sad face that I found on Sugardoodle years ago. It came from the 1974 Family Home Evening manual and you can find the link from Sugardoodle here.

I love this picture instead of the picture in the manual. I print out 2 faces on 1 sheet of card stock and give each child one face - that are about a 5X7 size.
 There is absolutely nothing on about The Prodigal Son - sorry. I did an image search and came up with these next 3 coloring pictures that did not come from the Friend. It's up to you if you want to use them. I think they look good and I would use them in my lesson - but the ultimate decision has to come from you.

 This one came from from a foreign site so I am not going to publish the link incase it has a virus - but you could image search it if you want it.
 This came from Bible Kids (sorry no link available anymore).


LaDawn said...

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this so that the rest of us that have no idea what we are doing can be enlightened. This is great stuff! Thank you!!

Jaime said...

Sandra, thank you very much for your valuable ideas for these primary lessons. I use a great deal of the things you come up with for my lessons. I have a primary class that is more "active" than usual, and so having fun activities and games makes it much easier for them to learn the gospel principles.

richchipper said...

By the way, the church does have a video on the Prodigal's Son. Here is the link. Thanks for everything you do!

Shannon & Tyler said...

thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this lesson. I have 6 kids under the age of 7. its crazy. You're lesson planning just saved me!!!!


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