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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Stove

While I was home at my Mom's house over Memorial weekend, she told me she had a new stove for me.

My brothers do construction, frame houses and do remodels. During a recent remodel and upgrade of appliances at a customers house, they ended up with a fairly new stove to dispose of. My brothers told me it was old fashioned with a coil stove top and wanted to make sure I wanted it. Of course I did, a stove that works is a stove that works - no matter what it looks like. 

 I have needed a new stove for quite a while. My stove has been limping along, barely working.

(I didn't take a new picture of my old stove and these are some pictures I found on my blog showing the old stove).
Here is the story of the "tender mercy and blessings" I have received in getting this new stove.

 In January on a Friday afternoon when I returned home from work my house was cold and my heater was on the blink. I don't think I blogged about that experience. I called my usual heater repairman YMC, Inc. They installed my heater and air conditioner a few years ago.

When the repairman arrived I told him that I believe it was a broken thermostat. The heater wouldn't hold the temperature and the house would get cold. When I turned up the thermostat, the heater would click on and heat up the house with no problem - but wouldn't maintain the temperature until I clicked it up again.

The repairman cleaned up the heater and felt that would fix the problem - but he didn't think it was the thermostat. It cost me $100.

Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem and I struggled all weekend keeping the house warm through the day and night. I didn't want to call them over the weekend and pay higher repair fee. I suffered through the weekend.

On Sunday I decided to look at YouTube to see if I could replace the thermostat on my own. It didn't look too difficult so on Monday I went and purchased a new thermostat at Home Depot and replace the old one. I fixed it and the problem WAS with the thermostat - like I told the repairman.

If he had only listened. I was kind of angry because I spent $100 for nothing.

While the repairman was there, I asked him to give me a bid to put a gas line to my kitchen for a gas stove. The repairman acted like it was a big deal. I told him if they couldn't do it I would get someone else to do it.
 I knew I needed a new stove, but was saving up for a gas stove.

My old stove had one burner out and the rest took a long time to heat up. The oven temperature was not very good. The handle to the oven was broken and duck taped. Every time I cooked in the oven I had to be extra careful when I opened the oven because the handle would fall off. It was frustrating! 

It was hard to regulate the temperature in the oven and stove top, but I limped along with what I had until I could afford a new one. (I don't like to put things on a credit card - I prefer to pay for everything up front with cash).

Well, the YMC, Inc. repairman never got back to me with a bid. I was mad at him anyway for not listening to me about what the problem was and fixing my furnace. So, I just put off getting a bid for now.

At the beginning of May I ran into a YMC repairman at one of my customers. I told him what happened and he took my information and told the service manager. The service manager promptly called me back and set up a time to come and give me a bid and they would flush out my water heater for free.

I scheduled the bid on May 23rd (Brady's graduation day). A couple of days before they were going to come and give me a bid - I decided I had too much going on to deal with them on the day I scheduled it. So I called and re-scheduled it for June 6th.
On Memorial weekend I had a new stove sitting in my Mom garage. Chris and Kurt had their truck and brought it back to Boise for me. What an unexpected blessing!

Kurt wired up the new plug in from my old stove to the new stove - installed it and it worked!
The next day I called my garbage service and they said they would haul away my old stove for $20.

I have a nearly new stove for $20
It's actually a very nice stove that someone did like because it wasn't stainless steal or the latest and greatest model.

All I can say is I have been blessed with tender mercies of Heavenly Father.

Getting a new bid for a gas line never worked out. I kept putting it off until I could work out the money in my budget.

It all worked out like it was suppose to and I have been blessed with a new stove.

After using it, I can NOT believe how bad I have been limping along with a broken stove.

I am in heaven!

My bread rises and is lighter when I cook it in this oven. My cookies cook better. The stove cook top heats up quickly and high!

I am so thankful for the blessings I received.

Of course I canceled the bid from YMC now that I have a working stove.

My goal was to have a new one installed before canning season and now I have one.



Zoey said...

Love, love, love your story! Glad that the Lord knows you and is kind enough to know that you really needed a new stove! Can't wait to see it in person!

Garden of Egan said...

The stove is absolutely beautiful. How awesome for you. So happy that this worked out for you. You deserve blessings like this just because you are faithful.

Rhonda said...

It looks great. I am so glad you were able to take it and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. I look forward to eating your bread in July (haha)


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