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Friday, June 22, 2012

A "Jolley" Visit

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having my niece and her family visit us.

Zoey Michelle and her husband Brandon
Kate (5), Dawson (8) and Faith (11)
They came for the Meridian Dairy Day Parade, which always happens on Father's Day weekend (sorry Brandon).

It is my favorite time of the year when they come for a visit. We have such a great time together, laughing, talking, playing games, eating and best of all watching the parade.

The weekend always goes by too fast.
 The first thing the kids did when they arrived Thursday night was pull out their hand held DS games.

The question is: Can kids just hang out together withOUT some type of electronics in their hands? I honestly don't think they can - LOL! It was an ice breaker and a way to feel connected and closer (I guess).

Thank goodness they didn't play electronics all weekend. Brady was GREAT with the kids while they are visiting. I love that he enjoys his cousins even though they are much younger then he is.
They played "Life Twists and Turns" several times through the weekend. I must say that Dawson is one lucky kid and was winning most of the time.

We also played Phase 10 and watch a couple of movies.

We sure love them and enjoy every minute together during their visits! I can't wait until they come again!
(We had such a great time that when it was time to leave Sunday afternoon, Dawson got really sad and shed a few tears. It makes me feel so loved that they enjoy their visits with Aunt Sondra.)

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