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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fires in Pocatello Idaho

I just found out that Mink Creek is on fire in Pocatello, Idaho.

Unfortunately my brother Lyle lives there. They wouldn't let him up to his house after he got off work. That means he wasn't able to retrieve anything from his home.
 They are saying that 10 - 15 houses are already lost.
It is tragic! At least he is safe, but sad that he wasn't home to grab family photos or anything like clothes.

If he loses his house it's just "things" and can be replaced but it is just sad.

They've declared a state of emergency in the area, also banning all outdoor burning and fireworks.

Lyle has lots of family in the area - so he will be taken care of. What he needs can be purchased. He will be OK.

We pray for all those effected by fire in Idaho, Utah, Colorado. It's been a tragic fire season.

Please be careful with fire and fireworks this weekend.

***!!!! Update:  The wind stopped and save his home.  He was able to go home last night.
There isn't any power, but his neighborhood was saved.!!!!***

Bless those firefighters! Thanks for all your prayers. I'm still extremely sorry for the houses that were burned down and the family/animals that were affected.

They are estimating 66 homes have been damaged or burned down. Here are some aerial shots of the fire:
 It's always amazing to see houses that were saved surrounded by charred black burned areas.
Firefighters are amazing! Thank you!


Zoey said...

Yeah. It's really not good... :( but haven't heard of anyone that's been hurt, so that is good.

Valerie said...

I'm glad he's okay, but I hope the fire is put out very soon. We're dealing with a wild fire down near me too, but definitely not that close. We have ash falling down and a red, dark sky, but the fire is still far away. It has burned down many houses unfortunately. And one person died. So many fires right now.

Garden of Egan said...

SO thankful.


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